Enzumo Plus: An effective solution to smelly landfills and dengue

A Cebu-based firm has developed a new product that could be the solution on household and industrial wastes.

“Enzumo Plus! does not only eliminate the bad bacteria that is known to grow in unregulated landfills, it also leaves pleasant-smelling scent because of the citronella we put in this product,” said Lactobiotics Worldwide, Inc. Chief Executive Officer Gigi Sanchez.

Enzumo Plus, a Cebuano-breakthrough product on waste-odor control. It is packed with the usual lactobacillus components that eliminate disease-causing bacteria trapped in wastes.

Sanchez, an engineer herself, said 100 percent of the odor that comes from the decaying waste can be removed by Enzumo Plus!, a product she helped invented following the mounting problems on stinky dumpsites not only in Cebu but in the whole Philippines. Sanchez is the daughter of the late Cebu Vice Governor Greg Sanchez, and a former Cebu Provincial Board member herself.

Lactobiotics CEO, Gigi Sanchez

Sanchez said the problem on waste management in industrial facilities and even beach resorts is mounting, which has prompted the national government to shutdown Boracay Island, which the President himself tagged as a “cesspool of wastes”. She explained that waste – water and hard – if left and untreated and if allowed to flow to the seas, can result to the degradation of the oceans.

“Everything is connected. The awful things we do here in the mainland, if we just let it flow to the seas, it can kill the oceans, too – the resources there, the fishes and other marine lives. So, if we don’t take care of our wastes here, chances are they pile up higher and higher in the landfills thereby causing diseases to us humans, and into the oceans killing the marine lives,” she said.


Enzumo Plus! can help industrial plants, beach resorts, schools and households in preventing these problems from happening. Enzumo Plus! can be diluted in water and then sprayed to the wastes, and right away the citronella scent replaces the foul odor.

Watch how the people from Gold Chick Hatchery in Liloan, Cebu use Enzumo Plus! in eliminating the foul smell of their area:

Enzumo Plus! is already being used in resorts in their water-treatment facilities and waste management and in local government units in the Visayas and Mindanao. Shopping malls and schools also use the product for their comfort rooms and material recovery facilities.  

It is “not magic” but a work of the good bacteria of the lactobacillus family – which is common in all of the products of Lactobiotics Worldwide. Lactobacillus eats waste and turns it into lactic acid, thereby eliminating the growth of the bad bacteria. It is the bad bacteria that causes the foul smell coming from the decaying wastes. With the foul smell gone, flies and disease-causing insects also go away with it.

With the bad bacteria gone, flies and mosquitoes will also not thrive in the dumpsites. Schools also have their own wastes, which can become a hive for dengue-carrying mosquitoes, and this can be hazardous to the schoolchildren.

“With Enzumo Plus! we also hope to prevent dengue not only in homes but also in schools,” Sanchez said.

Several schools in the Visayas and Mindanao are already using Enzumo Plus! for their wastes.

Since Enzumo Plus! is 100-percent organic, it is “not harmful to humans, animals and aquatic life,” it can be used as insect repellent for adults and children.



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