Who is #lifeisbeyeeutiful ?

I am Beyee, a former educator and now working as a freelance writer. I am simply living my own version of life’s passion. I live for music, movies, books, poetry, gym, coffee, desserts, or simply about FOOD! 🙂

I am a HUGE FOODIE by heart! I started writing about food that I love on Facebook and in Instagram so my friends can experience the same gastronomic adventure that I’ve had in a certain restaurant. Then I met some fellow foodies in the forum which got me into “blogging” about my “food pimps.” Since then friends would ask me about new places to go to when it comes to great food and service. That’s how I started with my blog, lifeisbeyeeutiful years ago.

After a long hibernation, I am finally back with my blog giving you a peek at what’s happening, what’s cooking, and who’s here in town!

This special domain has expanded from FOOD to Celebrity, Community, Fashion, Milestones, Teaching, and Travel. You can also read my previous articles in iSTORYA.net and my “old” food reviews that I was able to gather from my archives.

I’ll be sharing some teaching strategies and memorable anecdotes from my kids in school for all the teachers to learn from and no matter how far I am now from teaching, I’ll always be a TEACHER BY HEART 🙂

What’s also new in this blog is that there will be people whom I’ll be interacting with and whose works will be featured in the “spotlight” to give recognition of their CREATIVITY and for being an inspiration to all of us. Besides the main purpose to have my blog back is to make YOU SMILE all day with the positive message the blog conveys and to remind you that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL 🙂

Enjoy, feel free to tell your friends about the stories you read here, and be happy always 🙂

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