Lacto Pafi continues to bring good health to Filipino homes

After 18 years being the leading provider of probiotic-loaded health drinks, Lacto Pafi has expanded its reach to other sectors through its complete line of agricultural, household and personal care products.

From the signature Lacto Pafi and LactoVitale probiotic health drinks, the company now produces and distributes brands such as Enzumo, LactoPlant, PafiGro, Lacto Eyedrops, Lactofresh Toothpaste, Lilac shampoo, Paficare, Paficare creamn, Pafilac Antiseptic mouthwash, Pafilac Facial Cleanser, Pafilac Feminine Wash, Pafilac Foot Powder, GregoGrow and Lacto soaps.


Enzumo uses lactobacillus pafi microorganism that can be used as an additive for drinking water for livestock and for animal feeds.

Enzumo (Php 380)

LactoPlant, another lactobacillus pafi microorganism-based product, ideal for seed and seedling, flowering plants, crops and fruit-bearing plants and grass. 

LactoPlant (Php 805)

PafiGro is a probiotic-growth enhancer for animals.

PafiGro (Php 786.80)

Grego Gro is 100% vermin-compost loaded with millions of beneficial microorganisms and abundant organic matter or humus for basal or root application to start vigorous and natural plant growth, resistant to attacks of pests and diseases and capable of sustaining total plant development. It supplies the important probiotic organic matter, fixes the nutrients into available plant food. It is free of pathogens and toxic substances. It restores natural soil fertility. Economical and effective. Environment-friendly and safe to human beings.

Grego Gro (Php 770)



Lacto EyeDrops serves as potent eye wash or eye cleaner.  It soothes irritated and tired eyes.

Lacto EyeDrops

Lactofresh Toothpaste (Freshmint Flavor) does not only clean the teeth, it also strengthens gums and mucous membranes.

Lactofresh Toothpaste

Lilac Shampoo (plus henna) makes hair soft, smooth, and healthy. It improves hair manageability. It contains lactobacillus which helps relieve irritation, inflammation and flaky scalp. It reduces hair loss by improving hair growth. Contains henna which leaves a highly reflective, cellophane-like coating on each hair strand giving it superb highlights and shine.

Lilac Shampoo (Php 98)

Pafilac Antiseptic Mouthwash prevents the growth of bad breath-causing germs, leaving the mouth feeling fresh and clean all day. 

Pafilac Antiseptic Mouthwash

Pafilac Foot Powder keeps feet dry and acts as effective deodorant. Prevents and removes foot odor with its anti-microbial property.

Pafilac Foot Powder (Php 77)


Lacto soap, which comes in many variants (carrot, lemon, green papaya, aloe vera) promotes healthy skin, prevents acne, allergies, blemishes and skin disorders. It also clears, smoothens the skin. 

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Lacto Pafi was introduced in 2000 by the late Engr. Gregorio Sanchez, Jr. who later became the vice governor of Cebu, the benefits of taking probiotics to prevent several infectious diseases. With its success, Lacto Pafi has become a household name not only in Cebu but also all over the Visayas and Mindanao.

Lacto Pafi products are the only genuine and organic probiotic health drinks manufactured in Cebu, Philippines, and are known nationwide and even outside the country.

With the less fortunate in mind, Sanchez, a public servant until the very end, made Lacto Pafi products available to everyone, thereby making them affordable even to the masses.



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    Do have any websites like amazon where I can order the lactopafi soaps po? Just need to be delivered in canada. Is it available po ba in watsons and or mercury drug? Pls advise.


    1. Hi Roxanne,

      You may contact them via their Facebook page for inquiries
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