Lactobiotics partners with farmer’s groups

Cebu-based firm Lactobiotics Worldwide Corp. known for its flagship probiotic food supplement, Lacto Pafi, also has organic products essential for farming and livestock. Only recently they have partnered with farmers’ groups in Cebu, Bohol and Negros Oriental, to reach out to more farmers.

“We have received so many inquiries of our products outside Cebu, especially from farm growers. So we come to them not only to sell our products but to give free seminars on how they can improve their produce,” said Lactobiotics CEO Gigi Sanchez.

Gigi Sanchez, Lactobiotics CEO

Over the past few months, Lacto Pafi team went to the different parts of Cebu, Tagbilaran City in Bohol and Bayawan City in Negros Oriental to conduct seminars on organic farming. From their numerous farm visits, they saw the need of educating more farmers on the harmful effects of the fertilizers they use.

Product launching and organic seminar in Bayawan City, Negros Oriental (Photo credit: Lacto Pafi Facebook Page)

“There are many fertilizers and other farming essentials in the market, but most of them are laced with chemicals which are not healthy to the plants and animals, and most of all, to the consumers,” added Sanchez.

Since its conception 18 years ago, Lactobiotics has been consistent in providing only “organic” and “chemical-free” products which contain lactobacillus (good bacteria) that is needed to protect the farm products – plants and livestock animals – from all kinds of illnesses, thereby giving the farmers a good harvest.

“Carabaos for example do most of the hardwork in the traditional farming yet they don’t get the care they need,” shared Leila Solutan, Lactobiotics Worldwide Corp. Marketing Manager. “We often forget that carabaos need nutrients, too. If we don’t get them that, chances are they become prone to illnesses. The same with other farm animals like chicken, goats, cows,” she added.

Leila Solutan, Lactobiotics Worldwide Corp. Marketing Manager

In the three provinces they were able to connect with farmers’ groups; and these groups will be the main distributors of lactobiotics agricultural products like Lacto Vet/Pafigro, Grego Gro and Lacto Plant. This is one way of helping the farmers to have access to their products at no additional cost.

Lactobiotics Worldwide Corp. aims to forge further good relationships with more farmers for more awareness on organic farming to create more healthy produce which everyone can enjoy. 

If you want to know more about their products and join their organic farming information drive, you may connect with them through their Facebook page,

Good harvest means a healthy and happy life, that’s what Lactobiotics aims to achieve 🙂

Lacto Pafi Team with media friends and bloggers during the product launch

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