Quick Fix: Grilled Jamwiches

Toast with butter and jam are one of my favorite food for breakfast or snacks. They are great paired with coffee or a refreshing drink of pineapple juice.


One afternoon, I was craving for some toast and jam for dinner. So while I was preparing for my bread and jam, I thought of trying out something new for a change. 

After having a mental picture of what to do, I discovered another yummy way to enjoy my strawberry mint and orange marmalade to a whole new gastrogasmic level… Two words.


First I applied butter then jam on the other bread just like how you make peanut butter-jam sandwiches without the peanut butter though. Then I placed both pairs on the sandwich maker and let it do its magic!

After a couple of minutes, I took them out and let it cool just a bit and sliced them into halves just like these Grilled JamWiches! (Jam Sandwiches with a twist hehehe)



If you’re wondering how it differs from the regular toast that you are accustomed to, just imagine this…

Once you bite into the Grilled JamWiches, the warm jam tickles your taste buds to high heavens! So why not taste it for yourself? :-)

Spread the new fun way of enjoying your Grilled JamWiches!


*** For my Grilled JamWiches, I used The Fruit Garden’s array of luxury jam flavors (original French recipe): Strawberry Mint and Orange Marmalade. Check their site  https://www.thefruitgarden.net to know more of these tasty jams :-)


You may use other jams of what’s available in your pantry 🙂 Enjoy! 🙂


Eat well :-)

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