Savoura at Robinsons Galleria Cebu

Our story began in 2009. Savoura is a homegrown brand, a Filipino-Italian mix restaurant with its first branch in the heart of Lapulapu City.

Savoura Robinsons Galleria is the third branch. This is a step-up outside its hometown Mactan as it aims to introduce itself to the buzzing Metro food district.  This outlet is focused on the Italian specialties that are surely fresh and “pleasurable” yet made affordable for diners.

Savoura Owners Luanna Marie and Jonathan Dizon

Why Italian? “Versatility and convenience,” says Jonathan Dizon, Savoura owner, and CEO. “Everybody loves a good pasta with its sauce to go with it can be made from simple ingredients, it creates a lot of different dishes with it. It tastes good and it’s filling. It also has a long shelf life, so you can keep it until you need to put a meal together.” So for a mall-type branch, it’s both fast and good.  

Black Pasta
Fish Fingers

“All the dishes are made affordable. A “can-be-shared” special pasta ranges from P180 to P200. One thing about Italian food is it chooses to be healthy. Try our Pasta Oglio which is all about herbs, garlic and olive oil, that’s it! We prefer our taste bland but it’s only bland by the standards of people who want really strong flavors in their food. We know Italian recipes really like to make and serve food that ‘tastes of itself’. So it’s only bland by standards of more flavourful foods.”


Their ribs chicken and salad are also a must-try. While their cheese-packed pizza is definitely worth coming back to. 

If you really want a more budget-friendly mix, they also have pasta and chicken all for P149 that comes with a free drink. Their group meal starts at P899 which comes with pizza, chicken, pasta and a free pitcher of iced tea.

Spicy Chicken

Definitely a treat for the whole family!  

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