Imee Kabuhayan: A Livelihood Program initiated by Senator Imee R. Marcos

“Imee Kabuhayan” is a livelihood program initiated by Senator Imee Marcos in an effort to promote women empowerment in the basic sectors of society.

With the current poverty index of about 21 percent among Filipino individuals, the need for livelihood assistance in the grass-root level is as valuable as the multitude of social programs already in place.

This program aims to encourage women, young and old alike, in the rural and urban poor areas of the country, to rise above their current conditions by means of developing a sense of self-reliance coupled with ambition while working with a community. At the same time, it fosters cooperation, unity, and accountability within the community in order to achieve a common goal.

A community that has been identified will determine for itself, specific household-based activity for a start, suitable to their location and the capabilities of the members involved, that would yield a product that is both marketable and sustainable.

The necessary support will be provided for, such as formation and education, technical training, marketing and selling of the products as well as close monitoring systems to ensure the sustainability and growth of each project. 

While membership is voluntary, it is important that each member complies with the required training and progress reports during the entirety of each project in order to enjoy the benefits of this program.

With the help of the different stakeholders involved in this humble beginning, the Imee Kabuhayan Program is committed to the realization of a greater vision of alleviating poverty in our country, one household at a time.

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