Golden League of Ballers

The Housekeeping Team was down by 6 points in the last 2 minutes of this thrilling basketball game. They had just called their final time-out. Their players looked anxious and even exhausted. Their team captain tried to calm them down and inspired them to play hard and give their all. What happened next came as a surprise to everyone…

Golden League of Ballers FINALS: FO-Security VS Housekeeping

Their starting point guard drove towards the half-court and dribbled away from different defenders. Just outside the 3-point line, he pumped fake and noticed one of his defenders was in the air ready to block him. He leaned towards his opponent and “tossed a prayer”. A foul is called! 3-point shot goes in! The crowd goes crazy! After making a free throw, the housekeeping team continued to have momentum as the crowd’s cheers helped them regain confidence. They became the eventual champions of this year’s: Golden League of Ballers!

Golden League of Ballers Champions: Housekeeping with Golden Prince Team

“Golden Prince Hotel has been running this Basketball League for more than 5 years now. We wanted the different departments of the hotel to bond through these games. It creates an exciting atmosphere full of camaraderie especially if your colleagues come to the games to cheer.” said Mr. Aaron Que, Executive Vice President, and the overall league commissioner and founder.

FO-Security Team with Golden Prince Team

“Back in 2014, we organized 1 friendly game between Golden Prince Hotel and Golden Valley Hotel. We were encouraged by the turnout. So, each year, we witnessed more and more participation among our staff. We even include on-the-job trainees into the rosters. As more players joined, the league continues to grow each year.”

The Golden League of Ballers is just one of the many initiatives of Golden Prince Hotel to engage employees. For more information, visit or like us at

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