Golden Prince Hotel and Suites Joins Sugbuanong Ani 2: Taking Cebuano Cuisine Globally

Sugbuanong Ani, a project by the Cebu Provincial Tourism Office that aims to connect small producers to big hotels and chefs, giving homage to the people’s organization whose farm produce and fish catch are their main source of livelihood. The event also pays tribute to the ordinary men and women in farms and artisanal fishermen in municipal waters. This is move that validates and solidifies the realization of the Cebu Province’s Key Development Agenda in Tourism.

This year, with the theme Taking Cebuano Cuisine Globally, Golden Prince Hotel and Suites had participated and aimed on elevating the Cebuano Heritage pieces we had inherited from our ancestors, that distinct and succinct flavor formulas that kept our cuisine alive. The inclusion of locally available ingredients and sticking to the distinct cooking techniques that characterize Cebuano cuisine while giving it a modern twist somehow made us fitting to showcase our own flair.

(L-R) Golden Prince Hotel & Suites’ Camille Bernhard, Pastry Chef Melba Pranza, Operations Head Arthur James Fernandez, Exec. Vice President Aaron Jeremy Que
(L-R) Golden Prince Hotel and Suites’ Asst. Chef Jielynne “Cindy” Orquillas, Camille Bernhard and Pastry Chef Melba Pranza

The dishes served during the event all boil down to three things, authenticity, flavor and uniqueness. The Golden Prince Hotel and Suites team worked day in and day out to conserve and capture these three qualities in their food.

Pineapple Goat Cheese Caprese (using Bogo Cheese)
Tinubaang Adobo Puff
Argao Mini Torta
Carcar Golden Melon and Bogo Corn in Sweet Chili Gastrique
Pasta Primera Cebuana

The team lives by the inspiring quote of the Provincial Tourism, “It is not the authenticity of the food served here, but question of authenticity — the otherness —  which sustains conversation, reflection and comparison. It is in the strangeness of the novelty, the unfamiliar familiar, where culinary tourism becomes alive.” They also made sure that the local flavors of Tablea and Pintos as well as the well-loved Cebu Lechon gets the spotlight and enhances the entire spread.

Lechon Carcar Paella Cebuana
Pintos de Bogo

People had been influenced to be on the go always, often forgetting the memories of good food shared with family and friends. In this event, Golden Prince Hotel and Suites aims to make their guests remember how it is to be feasting on excellent, authentic Cebuano food with friends, while never forgetting why culinary tourism exists at our very core as Cebuanos. They aimed that their guests during Sugbuanong Ani 2 will beam with pride as a Cebuano and as someone who embodies uniqueness with being blessed with an abundance of culinary tradition here in our island paradise.

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