Golden Prince Hotel and Suites Joins Sugbuanong Ani 2: Taking Cebuano Cuisine Globally

Sugbuanong Ani, a project by the Cebu Provincial Tourism Office that aims to connect small producers to big hotels and chefs, giving homage to the people’s organization whose farm produce and fish catch are their main source of livelihood. The event also pays tribute to the ordinary men and women in farms and artisanal fishermen […]

BonChon, the Original Korean-style Chicken Opens in One Central Mall, Cebu!

Bonchon, the well-loved crispy chicken global phenomenon opens its 4th store in Cebu! Located at the Ground Floor of Once Central Mall, BonChon gives its customers a different kind of dining experience with its Korean-style fried chicken and other signature dishes. BonChon, meaning “my hometown” in Korean, serves Korean-style fried chicken that’s light and crispy, […]

Quick Fix: Spicy Tuna Mushroom Toast

Sautee minced onions (half will do) Add salt and pepper to taste Add half a cup of sliced mushrooms Let it simmer Then add meshed tuna flakes (two cans will do or your preference) Mix the ingredients well Then add mayonnaise to it over a light flame Add more pepper (depends on how spicy you want it to taste)On each sides of the oatmeal bread/white bread, spread the tuna-mushroom […]