Baegopa, Cebu?

There’s a new stall across USC-TC that serves yummy and affordable Trendy Korean food! It’s that cozy stall with a catchy sign, baegopa? It means “Are you hungry?” in Korean 🙂


Baegopa? started out as a simple delivery service by Mickey and Ricky to their IT Park friends who are working in a BPO company. Then by word of mouth, their food venture grew a huge following so they decided to put up a stall so everyone can have a taste of their modern fusion of Korean food.

They had their soft opening last week of September along Nasipit road in Talamban right across USC-TC. Students won’t have to go far to satisfy their cravings over Korean food and best part is, all the food in baegopa? is so affordable! Definitely it won’t hurt your pockets 🙂

In baegopa? you can have a fill on these sumptuous meals:

Affordable drinks:



My friends and I tried a sampling of their meals and we ended up having:

STK Burger (Spam, Tuna, Kimchi) ~ Don’t you just love how this burger is wrapped? Love it! 🙂 (Php120)


Spicy Meat ~ Tasty pork meat topped with sunny-side-up (Php80)


Bulgogi Rice with Kimchi ~ Rice topped with tender beef steak marinated in sweet Korean Bulgogi sauce (Php150)


Kimchi Fried Rice ~ served with Spam and vegetables (Php 150)


A short clip of how Micky made my first STKBurger (Spam, Tuna, Kimchi). Haven’t tried this kind of burger before and I love it! It sure is delicious and flavorful! For only 120Php, you can share this meal with a friend because of its huge serving! 🙂

Baegopa only use premium ingredients so definitely you get your money’s worth!


While eating, the food stall is also playing some upbeat K-Pop music which I have grown fond of. So I know most of you and your friends would totally enjoy this special nook if you’re one huge K-Pop fanatic 🙂

You can also have a spicy noodle challenge with your friends since they have the famous noodles in their stall, too.


And you can try their Banana Milk shipped from Korea for only Php60.


Thanks baegopa? for a fun gastronomic experience! My friends and I enjoyed your food so much 🙂



So Cebu, baegopa? 🙂


Location: Nasipit, Talamban, Cebu City (across USC-TC)

Store Hours:

Delivery: Accepting delivery and pre-order (minimum of 5 rice burgers) within IT Park and Talamban area

Contact Number: Smart 09470924045 / Globe 09055211489

Instagram: @baegopa_cebu




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