MoonWalk BBQ – Moonwalk, Parañaque, M.M

During my two-week trip to Manila, I decided to visit my childhood summer house to chance upon my old summer barkada. On our way there, my sister introduced to me the best-tasting BBQ in Multinational Village. So I gave in and checked the place out.
True enough my sis was right all along. It was the best pork BBQ I’ve ever tasted and cheap at that (-P- 12.00stick)! Then their sago drink was just right for my taste buds ?
Though this is not your ordinary restaurant since it’s just located along the streets of Moonwalk but I just got to share this to you guys.
Manong, the server (forgot his name) told me that their stand has been selling BBQ and grilled stuffs for years and they get alot of customers from their village and even peeps from outside Multinational.
famous BBQ heatin’ up!
ahhhh… sago!!!
So if you happen to be in the village near the airport, try checking out this famous BBQ stand in Moonwalk, Parañaque.
Note: This would have been perfect with our very own puso.. too bad they don’t have it in Manila.
Score Card: 1 (lowest) -5 (highest)
Food: 4.5
Service: 3.5
Cleanliness: 3.5
Price: 4

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