Foodtrippin’ : AA ISDA BABOY N’ BBQ – Andres Abellana St. Capitol Site

Why do I love Sundays? It is family foodtrip time! We either dine out or simply have a take-out or delivery whenever we feel it’s a lazy Sunday for us. What’s also a good thing about our foodtrip is we get to have a theme for the day. So today, it’s all about seafood and sinugba! So we had AA’s take-out since it has been a bed-weather week so we opted to dine in our comforts of our own home…

Choices for today…

Sinugbang Anduhaw

Lechon Kawali — crunchy and meaty as always

Pork Belly — I ♥ its bbq sauce

Baked Talaba (since they ran out of baked scallops so I tried one serving of this and boy I regretted why I only ordered one because it’s super yummy and cheesy!)

Yummy Calamares — though it’s not that crunchy but it still is one of the best because you can actually taste the freshness of the squid and how meaty it is!

Famous Spicy Chorizo

My Fave Kinilaw, this time it’s creamy dory

never eat without these! green tomatoes soaked in black vinegar and sili…


Another gastronomically satisfying treat on a rainy day…

So what’s your craving right now? Care to share? *smileys*

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