RAFI Micro-finance Partners with Uratex Group of Companies to Support Micro Businesses Nationwide

RAFI Micro-finance, Inc. (RAFI MFI) collaborated with Uratex Group of Companies, to further support small and micro-businesses all over the country. The partnership officially commenced on September 2, 2021.

The microfinancing focus area of Ramon Aboitiz Inc (RAFI) has always been keen on addressing the livelihood needs of low-income families in the Visayas and other parts of the country.

Members of RAFI MFI’s entrepreneurship programs are self-employed individuals belonging to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who make a living through selling their own products or reselling various items. Based on need assessment, access to raw materials like scrap fabrics was crucial to their daily production flow. This is the gap that the fruitful partnership with Uratex has filled. Client-beneficiaries who are in the sewing business can especially benefit from having access to said raw materials.

Some of the target beneficiaries of the upcycling partnership: Nanay Sherly Ytang, Nanay Maylin Ligad of Ritazo Tingub Women Worker’s Association, and Nanay Jiovy Bacus Espinosa of Elijhan RTW

Uratex has agreed to donate scrap fabrics to RAFI MFI’s client-beneficiaries. The company wanted to extend its support in the upcycling efforts of the business-oriented clients of RAFI MFI.

These upcycled products are sold in Tindahan ni Nanay Facebook Group (refer to the link and contact details at the end of this article)

Mr. Jonar Dorado, RAFI MFI’s Chief Operating Officer even expressed that, “Collaborations like this are very important to push our mission of elevating lives further. That is why I have nothing but the deepest thanks to Uratex for giving us the assistance that we needed during these times.”

“One of our goals is to contribute to the overall well-being of the communities we serve, through this project we will be able to help people generate additional, and often vital streams of income. We are very grateful to have this kind of partnership with RAFI Micro-finance,” expressed by RGC/Uratex Group Business Head for Visayas and Mindanao Ms. Marvey E. Alcantara.

With the help of conscientious companies like Uratex, it won’t be long until RAFI MFI truly reaches its goal of capacitating all the business-minded nanays and tatays all over the Philippines.

More information can be found at the organization’s official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/rafimicrofinance/ or contact Ms. Pia Seno at 0917-7729296 or email at pia.seno@rafi.ph


For your orders of the upcycled products, you may visit the Tindahan ni Nanay Facebook group page or order directly from

  • Nanay Maylin – 0923-217-9336
  • Nanay Jiovy – 0907-800-3365
  • Nanay Sherly – 0953-239-0870



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