Cebu People’s Coop Jeep Goes Cashless

Transforming the pace in cashless payment innovation is the Cebu People’s Multi-Purpose Coop greatest goal. With great pride, they are dedicated to serving the Cebuanos by developing commuters’ needs (members or non-members). With a commitment to deliver a fast, very reliable, reasonable, and efficient payment scheme, they go out of their way to encourage and educate the commuting public on the importance of less physical contact. This is their way of showing everyone that they are giving much importance to safety and welfare to every commuting Cebuanos.


The Cebu People’s Multi-Purpose Coop’s improved and innovative contactless transaction for cashless fare collection aligned with the government’s goal in modernizing the transport sector and their answer on convenient, very effective, and how practical using digital payment.


Going cashless means a commuter needs an MC3 card or the My Coop Care Card. It functions both as a debit/credit card useful for withdrawal and deposit transactions. Make sure the card has sufficient funds for cashless fare transactions. Coop Members get a twenty-five percent (25%) discount. Just present the card to the Passengers Assistance Officer (PAO) onboarding People’s Jeep. However, cash payments are still accepted from non-members but without discounts.


It’s so easy to get the MC3 Card. Just sign up and be a Cebu People’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative member via the website:

For more information or updates, follow their Facebook Page,


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