Feel-Good KDrama Theme Songs for every KDrama Fan’s Playlist

Since the quarantine, I have grown fond of watching KDrama since it helps alleviate the stress that’s building up since March. What I also love about the Korean series is their official soundtrack that never fails to stay with you even if you don’t know what the lyrics mean. Probably the song lingers as you remember those favorite scenes you love so much in the series that it has become a soundtrack of your daily grind.
So I’m sharing some of my favorite songs from the following KDramas (with YouTube links): Cheese in the Trap, Crash Landing on You, Her Private Life, Hyde, Jekyll, Me, Itaewon Class, Memories of the Alhambra, Oh My Venus, and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim
🎧 Attraction by Tearliner feat. Kim Go Eun (Cheese in the Trap)
🎧 Our Time/My Time with You by Vanilla Acoustic (Cheese in the Trap)
🎧 Such by Kang Hyun Min feat. Jo Hyun Ah from Urban Zakapa (Cheese in the Trap)
🎧 Here I Am Again by Yerin Baek (Crash Landing on You)
🎧 All of My Days by SEJEONG (Crash Landing on You)
🎧 Let Us Go by Crush (Crash Landing on You)
🎧 But It’s Destiny by 10cm (Crash Landing on You)
🎧 Maybe by Hae Ri Lee (Her Private Life)
🎧 Think of You by Ha Sung Woon (Her Private Life)
🎧 Because of You by Baek Ji Young (Hyde, Jekyll, Me)
🎧 Falling by Park Bo Ram (Hyde, Jekyll, Me)
🎧 Someday, The Boy by Kim Feel (Itaewon Class)
🎧 Our Souls at Night by Sondia (Itaewon Class)
🎧 Is you by Ailee (Memories of the Alhambra)
🎧 I’m Here by Yang Da Il (Memories of the Alhambra)
🎧 그런 사람 Duet Version by Lyn (Oh My Venus)
🎧 It’s You by Jeong Sewoon (What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim)
Enjoy the songs!
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