ILY Sa Bluewater

This Valentine’s Day, Bluewater Maribago celebrates love with their ILYSB (I Love You Sa Bluewater), A Valentine’s Dinner at The Cove.

Executive Chef Stephen Del-Amen shares that the 4-course dinner starts with 3 different kinds of amuse bouche: Earth, Sea, and Fire which represents the foundation of a relationship. “Earth represents that every relationship should have a strong foundation, both couples should find a balance between work, couple time and personal life,Chef Stephen said. “Sea represents that love should be allowed to flow freely. And Fire, to keep the spark alive, especially if you both have been together for a very long time.”


EARTH (for well-balanced and sensible relationship)

Beef with Asparagus, Cereal Crumble, Potato Gaufrette, Pickled Shallots, Microgreens, and Balsamic Mint Sauce



SEA (allow the love flowing endlessly)

Seafood Ceviche, Broth Aspic, Leeks

FIRE (keep the spark alive)

Spiced Pork in Parmesan Cup, Toasted Coconut, Chili


Spinach and Curried Pumpkin, Sweet Paprika Croutons


SUGPUSOY (Sugpu- Lapu-Lapu -Kasuy)

Grouper Fillet, Prawns and Scallops in Coconut Crab Fat Sauce with Cashew Nuts, Sauteed  served with Seasonal Vegetables and Steamed Rice

or you can have a choice of beef instead of seafood


Seared US Beef Chuck Eye with Tablea Bordelaise Sauce, basil Puree, Horseradish Cream Baby Carrots, Haricot Verts and Zucchini Garlic-infused Sweet Mash Potato


The dinner ends with a live chef performance from the pastry team, headed by Chef John Marollano, showcasing three different types of dessert: chocolate lava cake topped with vanilla ice cream, red velvet cheesecake, and fruit flambé. Chocolate and pistachio truffles are scattered for added texture. At the end of the presentation, a big heart outline is drawn enclosing all three desserts.

Fresh Fruit Flambe in Homemade Crepe, Red Velvet Cheesecake, Molten Lava Cake, Assorted Truffles, Homemade Vanilla and Strawberry Ice Cream
Personally, I call this THE BOMB DESSERT because it bursts with loads of sweetness in one serving 🙂

The ILYSB Valentine’s Dinner at The Cove comes with a glass of wine and a live string quartet.

The dynamic team of Executive Chef Stephen Del-Amen and Chef John Marollano together with the creative Marketing group who are all behind this romantic and mouthwatering Valentine’s special dinner.

For reservations and inquiries, please call 4024100 or send them a message on Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort Facebook Fan Page.

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