My Awesome Firsts in Cebu Ocean Park

“Adventure is worthwhile.” – Aesop
The quote best encapsulates my awesome first dibs at the Cebu Ocean Park yesterday! Though I’ve been to Manila Ocean Park in 2011 this one is special. For obvious reason, finally having a marine-themed park right in the heart of Cebu is something to be proud of – the first-ever in the Visayas and Mindanao!
Last time, I was with my colleagues in the teaching force when we had our educational tour but yesterday, I was exploring the place for most parts on my own and re-acquainted myself with a whole variety of species.
Surprisingly, I found myself enjoying talking to mere strangers with whom I share the same admiration of the wonders of nature right in front of us. There are times, I can be shy and find difficulty in warming up to people but sometimes I love the spontaneity in interacting with new faces in a new place because I got to LEARN A LOT from them.
I’m grateful for yesterday’s experience because it helped me with my fears in the unknown and sea creatures that live and breathe in the deep waters. That’s why I never tried diving because of those nagging fears of mine but the marine theme park made me see and appreciate the beauty underneath the waters for the second time.
As a whole, the Jungle Trekking, Time with the Lorries, Seven Seas, Oceanarium Journey, Fish Spa, and the Main Tank Gallery – these activities totally brought out the kid in me that I went inside feeling giddy with excitement then came out overwhelmed with so much bliss!



Midway in my jungle trekking at the Cebu Ocean Park, found myself to one of my favorite experiences, watching the lories being fed by the guests with nectar. As you stepped into their “home,” you’ll be greeted with the happy sounds of the 62 lories present. The marine theme park has four species: Rainbow Lorikeet, Black Cap, Red and Blue, and Chattery Lory.
In the video, I caught one feeding on nectar from the lady’s cup while the other one was looking on. They usually eat during sunny days while on a gloomy and windy day, they would either stay in their cute homes nestled along their area or they simply perch on the branches and chill. (Feeding the Lories with nectar – Php100)
Bird’s Diet – nectar and blended fruits (watermelon, banana, and papaya)


After a fun learning experience at Cebu Ocean Park, I totally agree that it is by far the largest Oceanarium in the Philippines which is noted to be 7-meter deep, which also showcases a 360-degree viewing tunnel that houses thousands of the world’s most amazing marine species. Guests will be in for a treat as they take an educational, interactive, and experiential marine life journey through its attractions and encounter programs.
Apart from reading, “traveling” to these places give me so much joy because I gained more knowledge from the trainers, staff, and the literature they provided in every station. Like they always say, life is a continuing learning process. The fee may be quite a lot but going through the whole experience is PRICELESS.
If you can’t travel far, for now, Cebu Ocean Park is here if you need to dive into another adventure.

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