My Unforgettable #15YearsofYouandMe TCBTL Party :-)

It was my first time to join The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf‘s milestone which I’ve been anticipating for a week. I was all geared up and arrived on time BUT there was one tiny glitch.

On my way to TCBTL, I followed the Google direction telling me to go to the 3rd floor of SM Seaside, Skypark. Walked from both ends only to find out it was in the lower ground floor. So when I got there, I walked again from both ends and still couldn’t find the coffee shop. So I went up and walked endlessly and on the verge of giving up. I asked another staff and she told me it’s in the lower ground floor NEAR THE ENTRANCE OF MOUNTAIN WING!

Eng eng eng ?

It baffled me to no end why I never noticed the coffee shop when I arrived at the Mountain Wing. Then I realized I was preoccupied with the Google map that I never bothered to observe my surroundings. I would have spotted the coffee shop early on. LOLS!

Well, I arrived 45 minutes late and drenched with perspiration ??? 

I felt so uneasy because I was so late for the event and everyone were in the middle of their coffee activity. When the group was about to start with the Tea Cupping, I mustered some courage and joined a table near me. Luckily, one of my former Grade 6 students, Jelrose with her cousin Mielle were sitting in the same table and they were so kind to let me share their table (Thanks again, ladies.)

Meet my accidental seatmates: Jelrose (left) and Mielle (right) 🙂


At the anniversary party, one of the crew, Ms. Mitch gave us some helpful tips on Tea Cupping 101 and demonstrated to the group how to prepare tea. Personally, the beverage is not “my cup of tea” but I let my taste buds go for a fun exploration with my new friends: Chai, Genmaicha & African Sunrise teas. Of the three variants, I love the African Sunrise best! Now I know what to order next time hihihi.


Tea Cupping of three different teas (from top to bottom) Genmaicha Green (Green Tea), Chai (Black Tea), and African Sunrise (Herbal Infusions)

Genmaicha Green 
 Originated from Japan
 full flavored with sweet finish and has a tasty aroma 

 has an exotic and spicy aroma with a combination of cardamom, clove, and cinnamon flavor

African Sunrise
 Originated from South Africa
 has a sweet and creamy aroma with vanilla & citrus flavor combo

All throughout the activity, had a lot of fun sharing stories with my seatmates, discovering new things, and observing other people’s creativity. 

Thanks to Ms. Donna Lynn Boniel and to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Philippines) for one great enriching party!?

See you next year, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf ?



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