The Swedish Guy and His Love for Cebuano Music

In 2016, Swedish Carl Johan Kihl aka Caloy came to Cebu and fell inlove with the Cebuanos. Caloy started out singing Cebuano songs and posting it online. He was the first guy who got more than a million views on YouTube and became an online sensation. From thereon, he’s been covering songs in Bisaya.

“As you translate the meaning of the song is like opening a Christmas present because you hear this beautiful song but you don’t know what’s inside. Then you know the meaning of it. That’s a beautiful learning experience.”

What made him fall inlove with Cebu was the language and culture. For him, there were specific Cebuano words that fascinated him like “hugot” or “lami.” That fascination and his love for Bisaya music made his journey to learning Bisaya an easy one because according to him, “Learning the culture through language is easy but learning through music is way easier.”

(Caloy sharing his experience in learning Bisaya songs.) 

Duyog was the first Bisaya cover that he posted online that went viral and made him an online sensation.

Music has always been a big part in my life. Both of his parents were dedicated to music and theatre that gave him an early exposure. Caloy started playing and composing music early. At 16, he was already playing at piano bars in his hometown in Sweden. Music has taken him all around the world. He had worked in countries like Spain, Cyprus, Egypt and Thailand. And with music, it changes his mood from relief, sadness to joy everytime he plays the music or sing.

“For me in a world which is changing so rapidly, music has always been constant like an anchor you can hold on to. Duyog is all about that to empathize and sympathize whether in heartache or in celebration.”

Caloy wants to sing all about emotions – raw and unfiltered. He believes in the romance of language and culture in music. These are the things he wants to share to everyone.

Last Vispop5.0 Finals, he performed his new song, Gwapo ko Ugma, about loving yourself. And now he’s currently working on new material which he’s so excited about.

You may check out his videos in YouTube or interact with him through his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts: @caloyjuapo

The Guru Ads and Marketing Consultancy Team with Caloy From L-R: Ben Quirol (Project Head), Caloy Juapo, Bruce Cortes Bollozos (Managing Director/Caloy’s Manager), Julienne Guanzon (Media Relations) and Ma. Mitcha Cortes Bollozos (Executive Assistant to the Director)

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