Sabi Fernan: An Arts and Craft Charmer

Learning new things and skills while on vacation is always a must every summer. Joining informative workshops, we gain new knowledge and end up discovering the passion in us which we were not aware of. And meeting new friends who share that same passion is one of the best perks you can have from the whole learning experience.

From an arts and craft summer workshop weeks ago, I met this adorable girl by the name of Sabi Fernan who happened to be so talented and skillful from turning to simple scraps to beautiful masterpieces. She even showed me a digital gallery of her works from her tablet and I couldn’t believe a twelve-year-old can make a lot of good stuff which you usually see being sold in a crafty or accessory stores.


Sabi was so kind enough to indulge a short interview telling us how she started with her passion and more of her thoughts on arts and crafts. Here’s the rest of her interview: Tell us a little about yourself, Sabi.
Sabi: I am twelve years old and I am the only daughter and the youngest of two children. At what age did you start getting into arts and crafts?
Sabi: Maybe at about 5 years old. How did you get into the hobby?
In school, I made a card for my parents because it was Valentine’s Day and when I gave it to my parents they asked me to make for my aunts and uncles and grandparent. So I made for the whole family and from then on I had to make cards for every family member on their birthday or any other occasions. Where do you get inspirations from your own creations? Like the ones you see on YouTube, any specific artist whom you follow?
Usually I get inspiration from YouTube, I watch maybe about 30 different YouTubers just for all my craft ideas but sometimes I see things that give me an idea. Where do you get all your materials?
I get my materials from National Bookstore and other craft stores like Country Crafts. Sometimes I also go with my mom to Familia House downtown to get some materials. Was it hard for you? What was the hardest thing you ever made?
My cousins, brother and I made a two 3D swans, but we have no pictures so I found what we made.
We used old recycled magazines and made a special origami piece and stacked them on to each other.

I also do bracelets using beads – It’s bead loom weaving.  This takes long to make because the beads are very fine and I make different designs by changing the colors of the beads. What is your favorite thing to make?
Currently my favorite thing to make is paper quilling and other things that challenge me. I have also been collecting soda tabs which I make into bracelets.  I have also recently done some bracelets using paracords. What are other crafts you would love to learn?
I usually find out about new crafts when I go to a craft store. That’s how I learned about paper quilling. I would like to learn calligraphy though. Do you ever see yourself holding a workshop of your own to little kids or even adults in the future?
I’m not sure yet. What advice can you give to other kids who are into arts and crafts?
I would tell them, don’t be afraid to try anything.  Even if it seems hard, constant practice will make it easier.

Spoken like a true artist, Sabi is truly an inspiration for those who have yet to begin the hobby and for those who are still grappling on how to come up with good craft pieces. It all takes a good attitude and a heart to make simple things to a thing of beauty. Just as Leo Tolstoy would put it, Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.”

We may not be that skillful but if we put our heart into it, we’ll end up creating masterpieces of our own just like how Sabi started with a Valentine Card for her parents. Little did she know, she was paving her to a world of arts and crafts.

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