iSTORYA Article: Max Surban (is) Missing Filemon in Cebu

Max Surban earned his title as the King of Visayan Songs, with 33 albums and Gold and Platinum Awards to his name. Some of his top-selling albums are “Magparetoki,” “Gihidlaw na Intawon Ako,” Dobol Trobol” (with Yoyoy Villame), “Nabali ang Krismas Tri,” and a muslim song entitled, “Baleleng” which means “sweetheart.” Not only he won the hearts of the Cebuanos but Max Surban also earned a lot of respect from his peers especially the Cebuano artists and bands, Missing Filemon is one of them, who looked up to him as the icon of the Bisaya music industry.


Missing Filemon is a Cebuano/BisRock band composed of Insoy Niñal (vocals and guitar), Eimer Tabasa (drums), Clarence Mongado (bass) and Jag Gonzales (guitarist) which started in 2002, recording rock songs in Cebuano which debut in 2003 as their self-titled album which later called as the “Suroy-Suroy” album. It was not a smooth ride for them to penetrate in Cebu rock music scene since not everyone accepted their kind of genre being that it was dominated with English-writing bands and artists.

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