Foodtrippin’ : Cafe Laguna — Ayala Center Cebu

Cafe Laguna has always been the family’s staple when it comes to food tripping. If we’re not craving for anything extraordinary or if we feel like celebrating, Cafe Laguna is always the first thing we think of. It has become our “extension” of our kitchen because we are always pampered with gastronomically satisfying treats and excellent service!

Here are the treats which will never be amiss in our table:


SMT (suman, mangga, tsokolate) – This brings me back to my childhood when my Lola used to prepare me with this merienda.

Puto BumbongEverytime I eat this, it’s like it’s Christmas all year round 🙂


Bouillabaisse soup – my Dad’s all-time fave! This is like treasure of seafoods at its best (crabs, shrimps, squids, clams mixed with veggies in a rich creamy sauce)


La-ingI’ve been eating in some restaurants which serve laing but they’re all pale in comparison to Cafe Laguna’s own laing


Crispy Pata – I guess people never leave without ordering one. The meat is so tender and the pata’s skin gives justice to its name


Pandan Chicken – one of my faves! I love the aroma as I free the fried chicken from its “warm embrace” of the pandan leaves and more tasty in every bite.


Chicharon Bulaklakcrispy and its taste is just right, not too oily nor overcooked


Spicy Shrimp – My Dad orders this in replacement of his fave gambas. The spicy sauce adds more flavor to the fresh shrimps that’s why we always order this.



Over-all, Cafe Laguna is one of the most sought-after Filipino cuisine to all the locals, foreigners and even the balikbayans because of their excellent food, drinks and personalized service to every guests.

Score Card: 1 (lowest) -5 (highest)
Food: 5
Service: 5
Cleanliness: 4
Price: 4

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