Three Reasons to Meet You at the Metro

2022 marks the comeback year for The Metro Ayala Center Cebu after a series of stumbling blocks along the way – the fire accident and the recent pandemic – which made them close their doors to the public.

When the Metro Ayala closed, it made me reminisce of how many memories I have with the store. I can still remember the shopping spree my sister rewards me back in college when it’s the start of the new school year. New clothes, new school supplies, and hygiene kits every year. The countless times I’d go with my father to the men’s department store for his new pair of slacks, his favorite striped shirts and dark-colored handkerchiefs. And trips to the supermarket where we go grocery shopping that I love and enjoy so much. Nothing beats going aisle after aisle and checking what’s new and delicious to add to our carts. Then we cap off our grocery run with stacking our pantry with baguettes, croissants, and bread from Suisse Cottage.

Not only I share these memories with my family but I too, have fond recollection with my friends at The Metro. It has always been our tradition to get chips and drinks at the supermarket for our baon to the movies. Then we would make our last minute school work in the food court with ice cream.

When I started working, I would stop by The Metro and check out the dining and kitchen area essentials. Or I would pass the time getting inspirations for my bedroom – the endless choices of mattresses, bed sheets, curtains – is my new kind of entertainment.

Good thing, The Metro Ayala Center Cebu is finally complete with its “healing process” and is now ready to open its doors to the public. When I explored the new and improved areas of the store, I got excited with the array of brands and product selections at such an affordable price.


Guess what I visited first the other day?

Of course, the Home Department is what I checked out first. It’s the one located in the basement. Here are the reasons why The Metro Ayala Center Cebu gives you a beautiful shopping experience at its Home Department.


The furniture are organized in every category for convenience. And it makes you move around freely with ample space in the area.


Aside from rows of product display, its Home Department has different zones placed strategically to inspire you what your future dining area, bedroom, foyer, or outdoor chill area would look like.


You’ll be surprised of how affordable the price they’re offering from furniture, fixtures and essentials that you need for your bathroom, bedroom, dining, home office, kitchen, living room, and even in your garden. They also have something for your pets, as well.

As a welcome back gift from The Metro to all the shoppers for sticking with them through highs and lows, they are offering good deals for you to enjoy starting on May 13-22, 2022.

So what are you waiting for? Go and visit the Metro Ayala Center Cebu. Take a trip down the memory lane as you visit your favorite store with your family and friends. Don’t forget to share your #meetyouatmetro experience in your social media accounts and tag them in Facebook @TheMetroStores and in Instagram including the hashtags, #WeMakeLifeEasy #ShopTheMetroStores

Meet you at the Metro, guys!

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