Tara! launches “Shop with Tara!” campaign

“Your needs and convenience will always be our priority.”

This is the assurance of Tara! founders Cebuana architect Janssen Chan Ybanez and businessman Reece John Brauer as they launched the “Shop with Tara!” campaign.

The newly-launched campaign encourages the public to buy essentials with convenience at home.

“Get the ingredients of your favorite dish. Buy your medicines and other essentials without worries,” Brauer.

Why choose Tara! as your online delivery service partner? 

“Tara! also wants you to focus on your other priorities at home or work. So let us do the grocery and shopping for you,” he added.



Tara! started its operations in the cities of Cebu, Mandaue, Talisay, and the town of Minglanilla on April 20, 2020.

Customers can directly visit their website at tara-app.co and can place their orders under five categories – Grocery, Pickup and Delivery, Medicine, General Shopping, and Pizza and Beer.

The website is mobile-friendly where customers need to fill out a form to start their orders. After completing the order, email confirmation and text confirmation will be sent to the customer.


Aside from the total bill of purchase, customers will also pay for the service and delivery fees which are all budget-friendly.

“The rates are lower than spending your fares, gas, and parking fees. Your money will be worth it because you also get the convenience that you deserved,” he added.

Since the start of its operations, Tara was able to serve more than 500 clients in the four areas.


Ybanez said that Tara! does not only help people to get their essentials easily but it also helps displaced workers who need jobs during the pandemic.

Tara! was able to hire affected public utility drivers who now serve as delivery frontliners.

At present, Tara! has 10 members of its workforce and they continue to hire more people as it will soon expand operations within other areas of Cebu.

“Our mission does not only apply to customers. We want to provide jobs. We know the effects of the crisis and we want to help people,” Ybanez.


For more Shop with Tara! updates, you may also visit their Facebook page, Cebu Grocery Delivery Tara or their Instagram profile, taraph_



Planning to cook sweet and sour pork for the family so I sent in my order – ingredients for the dish then the whole process was such a breeze and they keep you up-to-date whenever one of the items in the list is not available so they truly care for their customers. And the whole delivery was smooth and no problem at all. I got everything I needed so no hassle at all!

Thanks, so much TARA! 🙂



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