My Journey to Fighting Melasma with MC Aesthetic Lightening Serum

For a couple of years, I’ve been bothered by my dark spots on my face which have caused me a bit of insecurity every time I mingle with people especially during events that I tend to cover it with thick makeup but I always end up feeling frustrated.

I blamed myself for not using sun protection when I was younger thinking it will not affect my skin but there’s no use in crying over spilled milk now. So when a friend of mine introduced me to MC Aesthetics and told me that they have the latest breakthrough in skincare that can help me with my dilemma.

According to Marlou Colina, a Celebrity Medical Aesthetic Specialist and the face behind the MC Aesthetics, the discoloration on my skin which causes its dark spots is common among women in the Philippines as we age since “the body produces free radicals that result into skin discoloration known as Melasma, caused by hormonal imbalance, Sun’s UVA and UVB race, or free radicals that result into the formation of Melanocytes. Then it causes brown to gray-brown patches, usually on the face.”

With the Celebrity Medical Aesthetic Specialist, MC Aesthetics’ Marlou Colina after the blogcon last January 4, 2020. (I was wearing makeup to hide the dark spots for the event but still, it’s visible)


MC Aesthetics introduces the product that will help men and women fight the skin condition is 100% all-natural serum which contains the key ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Elastin, Glutathione, Kojic Acid, Alpha Arbutin.

MC Aesthetic Lightening Serum is formulated to target the darkened area by blocking the Tyrosinase Inhibitor enzyme that is responsible for melanin pigment formation. It is ideal for the face, armpit, and any areas of the body that needs lightening treatment. Apply on the affected areas with just a few drops day and night.


I started using the serum right after the Sinulog week, January 20, 2020. Prior to day one, I stopped using any skincare products except for sunblock and mild facial cleanser for a couple of weeks so I would see any difference.

On my first day, I put three drops on my palm and gently applied it on my face concentrating on the dark spots on my cheeks. As I was slowly massaging my face and neck, I noticed it has a mild fragrance and the serum feels so light to touch that it doesn’t give you that greasy texture which it got absorbed on my skin that easily. I applied sunblock on top of it, afterward.

Throughout the day, I didn’t feel any itchiness or noticed any redness on my face and neck which is a good indication that the serum is safe to use. Then I applied again on a clean face before bedtime after taking a shower.

After three days, no effect yet on my skin but observed how my skin looks “healthy” and fresh. Another good indication.

Exactly on its 11th day of using the MC Aesthetic Lightening Serum, I noticed the dark spots have lightened a bit and looked better than before when I wasn’t using the serum. And still, I see some certain glow on my face even I had a few hours of sleep (but still it’s best to have good hours of sleep hehehe).

Though the dark spots are not completely gone I am happy with the serum because gone are the days that I wake up to dull and dry skin. Now I can bravely say, “I woke up like this…” then SNAP a picture! Hahaha

I’ll still continue using the MC Aesthetic Lightening Serum day and night for even better results and of course not to forget the essentials to healthy skin: drinking plenty of water, eating the right kinds of food, getting enough sleep, and using sun protection everyday!


The 100% all-natural serum is one of the fast-selling products to its efficacy and dramatic results were seen in patients suffering from Melasma. They are now available in Cebu and Manila; you may contact the following distributors:

For distributorship inquiries, call 09165240464

For more information and updates, like and follow the official Philippines FB Page Marlou Colina Aesthetics and IG @marloucolina_aesthetics

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