iSTORYA Article: #MTK (Magbuwag Ta Kay), first independent film to be shown nationwide

The long wait is finally over! #MTK (Magbuwag Ta Kay) is going to be shown in theaters nationwide by VIVA Films. Definitely, the Bisaya RomCom is making history being the first independent Bisaya film to be distributed by a huge film producer from Manila.

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Vicente Eduardo “Verb” del Rosario, Vice President for Operations of VIVA South talks about VIVA Films’ plans on creating an industry in the VisMin area and what led the film outfit to distribute the Bisaya film, #MTK soon in Philippine cinemas.

Medyo Maldito and Akiko Solon shared candidly how they prepared for the Bisaya Film


AkiRoy : Akiko Solon and Rowell Ucat aka Medyo Maldito


The #MTK cast with Viva Films’ Verb del Rosario and Heritage Productions’ Sunshine Lim



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