Immigration series capped with nursing expo to Canada

Enhance Visa recently had its second Canada Nursing Career Expo (CNCE) to end their series of immigration events with its aim to bring more opportunities for nurses in the Visayas. Hundreds of nurses attended the CNCE with a common ground – hoping to become registered nurses in Canada. The CNCE was held in three key locations in the Visayas last November 11, 13, and 14 in Cebu, Bacolod, and Iloilo respectively.

About a hundred nurses interested in working abroad attended Enhance Visa’s 2nd Canada Nursing Career Expo

“Along with Enhance Visa, OMNI wants to help Filipino nurses achieve their dreams of seeking greener pastures abroad,” says Tony Burke, Vice-President of OMNI College in Vancouver, Canada, Enhance Visa’s exclusive Canadian partners. Since the partnership of Enhance Visa and OMNI, it has gained over a hundred successful applications since 2015.

Enhance Visa’s Expo Guest Speaker – Tony Burke, Vice-President of OMNI College in Vancouver, Canada offers his immigration expertise to Cebuano nurses

The Canadian government has recently announced its plan to welcome one million immigrants by the year 2020 in a bid to fill its demand for skilled labor and growing economy. It has streamlined its immigration policies to attract top global talent.  According to Eden Dumont, Managing Director of Enhance Visa,  interested nurses should take this opportunity to fulfill their dreams of migrating to Canada.

One of Enhance Visa’s Immigration Specialists talks more about how Cebuano nurses can achieve their dreams of becoming registered nurses in Canada

As a result of Canada’s healthcare system restructuring and expansion, they need nurses specializing in dialysis and cardiology among others.

“We’re hosting the CNCE along with our other immigration events because we believe that with proper knowledge, Filipinos can make the right decision on how to take that first step towards a better future for them and their families,” added Dumont.

Tony Burke with Immigration and Visa Specialists of Enhance Visa

Enhance Visa specializes in immigration consultation to Canada, Australia and New Zealand and is the industry leader in providing effective Study to Permanent Residency pathways to these countries. The company has taken a holistic approach in assisting clients by ensuring that they receive sound advice on the best immigration option which can ultimately lead to a better future for them and their families.

For those who weren’t able to attend the event, you may contact Enhance Visa at 0917 770 2685 and get one-on-one consultations regarding their different immigration programs. You may also visit their website at Follow Enhance Visa on Facebook for updates @enhancevisaph.


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