Beads of Gratitude from a Former Teacher

To my former fellow mentors, hats off to all of you, for your unceasing love and passion to mold the minds of the students. Despite the heartaches and challenges we go through as second parents to our kids, we still never gave up and continued to love these kids as if they are our own.

To my former teachers, thank you so much for being my second mothers in school. It’s only now I got to appreciate the joys and hardships as a teacher when I became one. I am forever grateful that you have and always will be instrumental to my life-changing career.

To all my KIDS who were with me in my ten-year journey as a teacher, A BIG THANKS to all of you! In reality, YOU were the ones who TAUGHT ME MORE about life and love. I may not be as rich as I hoped to be but those years you’ve touched my heart and soul as a teacher and as a person has truly ENRICHED my life 

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