Kasahos sa Danao

Days before the Karansa Festival in Danao, I accompanied my sister to look for the best Kasahos (carabao beef) for her clients who wanted to try the meat. We went to the market place and looked around until someone gave us the address to Ma’am Lynette’s Spicy Kusahos.
Their place is located near the “sabungan” and we were lucky that they just finished cooking the first batch 🙂

Oooohhh la la la! Kusahos sa Danao! #lifeisbeyeeutiful #FOODTRIPPINGinDANAO #KaransaFestival #WhenInDanao

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Before it’s sauteed and fried, the carabao beef undergo a drying process under the heat of the sun.


Prices for Kasahos: Uncooked meat – Php700/kilo Cooked meat – Php700 per half kilo


Php100/pack (cooked meat)


Where to score the best and spicy Kasahos in Danao?


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