Richard Gutierrez reacts to the positive feedback from viewers following the airing of their episode, Sanib Pwersa ng Apollo 5

During our set visit at Tambuli Seaside Resort and Spa in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu on Monday, April 17, The Iron Heart‘s top biller, Richard Gutierrez, expresses how grateful he and his team are for the positive feedback from fans.

“Very happy kami kasi very well yung response ng audience natin, positive feedbacks… Hindi nil na-ipredict na mangyayari yung joined forces namin… It creates an interesting dynamic sa characters sa storyline. And we can play it around even more sa story.”

In the latest episode of the world-class action series, Apollo (Richard) teamed up with his former nemesis, Eros (Jake Cuenca), Juno (Meryl Soriano), Venus (Sue Ramirez), and Poseidon (Pepe Herrera) to uncover The Iron Heart, the secret project of Priam (Albert Martinez).

Gutierrez believes that the plot twist is novel to the audience because it has never been done before in any series. He’s also pleased that The Iron Heart’s run has been extended due to the tremendous positive response from viewers.

Gutierrez also recalls his favorite fight scenes in the series, as well as his working relationship with Jake, who plays Eros, for whom he had high respect. He is impressed by how Jake is willing to learn and go beyond his limits to give justice to his character in every scene he’s in.

Gutierrez is proud of how his crew prioritizes everyone’s safety, especially during fight sequences. And because of his martial arts training since he was seven years old and his years of doing action scenes, he already knows how to control his body during a fight scene.

He’s also more cautious now that he has a family. Some stunts he is willing to execute personally, but he now listens to his directors and producers and avoids them. He is now looking at the larger picture and must be more responsible, knowing that the whole production will be affected and he doesn’t want to jeopardize that.

When it comes to being a family man, he proudly shares that his children, Zion and Kai, are his biggest fans and critics of the show. They are completely up to date on the plot and often ask questions about what will happen next. So, when he has the opportunity, he will bring his wife and children to the set when they are in Cebu.

Overall, The Iron Heart has been a fulfilling project for Richard Gutierrez and he’s very happy with the show.

“With the amount of time that we were given to prepare for the show, for the airing, and for everything that has happened. We were able to deliver a show that we can all be proud of. A show that has elevated the primetime scene.”

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