Lexmark Cebu partners with GET for electric buses rollout in Cebu

In partnership with Global Electric Transport (GET) Philippines, Lexmark Research and Development Corporation (Lexmark Cebu) will be providing better daily commute for its employees through Comet, an emissions-free transport system.

Ms. Wowie Pesodas, Order to Cash Senior Manager of Lexmark, briefly shares to the media and Lexmark representatives about the partnership, “Today we mark the formal partnership of GET and Lexmark. This journey started in October last year when Lexmark started the phased return to office. The biggest challenge for the employees then and even now was on daily commute. The availability of a safe, convenient way to travel for the employees was the main driver for Lexmark to look for an alternative mode of transportation. GET Philippines is providing the service we were looking for using an emissions-free transport system which aligns with Lexmark’s sustainability goals, as well as requiring only a minimal investment from the company.”

Mr. Freddie Tinga, President of GET Philippines, also expresses his excitement with the partnership, “The employees win. The environment wins. Government wins. We are very excited to be with Lexmark, and we feel [Lexmark] would be a leader as more and more organizations here in Cebu lead us in this crusade to move our people to a better and more sustainable Philippines.”


The COMET, which stands for Community Optimized Managed Electric Transport, is a fully electric motor that boasts of Formula-E technology and performance adapted for public transportation. And because it doesn’t run on fossil fuel, one Comet cuts harmful carbon dioxide or CO2 emissions by around 40,000 kilograms annually.

The Comet has a roomy interior which has a 30-passenger capacity (20 seating and 10 standing), is air-conditioned, and is accessible for people with disabilities. 

To symbolize the partnership, a symbolic unveiling of the Lexmark magnetic sticker on the Comet by GET and Lexmark representatives was done.

It is also equipped with community WiFi-enabled, GPS tracked and fleet managed. Its free WiFi is provided by Globe Telecom.


This Comet initiative is in line with Lexmark’s commitment to being carbon neutral by 2035.

Achieving carbon neutrality means our carbon dioxide equivalent output will have a net neutral impact on the environment. We began tracking and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in 2005 and have made great progress across various aspects of our business, from manufacturing to facilities to travel and more. Since 2015, we’ve reduced our greenhouse gas emissions (our carbon footprint) by 34%.

DENR-EMB 7 Regional Director Maribel B. Munsayac was also given a brief on the Comet initiative and its advantages and was able to get a quick ride and inspection of the transportation around Cebu Business Park.

Lexmark Cebu is the first company in Cebu to partner with GET for using Comet. GET’s Comet will be operational starting May 2, offering a week of free ride for Lexmark employees.

To ride the electric shuttle service, Lexmark employees need to download the GETPASS app from Google Play Store or the App Store.

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