Childlink Learning Center and High School to mark its 25th anniversary in 2022

Childlink Learning Center and High School gets ready to have activities in the incoming school year to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2022 with its theme, Linkers: Relevant, Responsive, Resilient.

“For two successive school years starting this July 2021, we will be retaining the same theme until the school year 2022 which is “to stay relevant and to continue to be responsive and be resilient” despite the changes and challenges brought about by the pandemic,” says Childlink founder and school directress Maria Theresa Tio.

School founder, Maria Theresa F. Tio continues to be hopeful for the success of learners as we continue the transition to a new normal of learning.

According to Ms. Tio, the school has undertaken efforts to prepare its students for the transition to online learning.

Childlink, in coordination with parents and guardians, continues to create activities in order for the students to have social interaction with their classmates and teachers.

The camaraderie forged among the students across grade levels has greatly helped in the transition to online learning where communication and collaboration is most important.

Despite the change in the learning platform, the school has continued to hold the usual activities for the just-concluded school year. One example is the holding of Heartstrings: A Celebration of Music featuring the choir performance, ukulele, guitar, and rondalla performances of the students.

The Rondalla performers virtually performed in the school’s annual performance entitled Heartstrings: A Celebration of Music.

As the school is on its way to celebrate its silver anniversary in July 2022, it recently got recognition from, an organization devoted to fostering character development in our schools and communities for the month of June.  The international virtual recognition that Childlink has received will be done this October 2021.

Childlink was recently given recognition by for its We Are Marshals Program which is a unique, effective, and replicable initiative that inspires “goodness in action.”

“We are extremely proud to recognize the schools and organizations that have developed and implemented a Promising Practice,” said Dr. Arthur Schwartz, President of “Each of these programs and initiatives has demonstrated significant impact and strongly align with the principles that help schools and organizations cultivate a culture of character.” This year’s character development practices and initiatives included peer mentoring, service-learning, and conflict resolution approaches. Many of the Promising Practices also involve parents and the local community. will honor each 2021 Promising Practice recipient (schools and organizations) at its National Forum to be held October 20-22, 2021.

The Promising Practice badge is a seal of excellence awarded to Childlink as a recognition of its Promising Practice program.

Childlink has always provided quality education through face to face classes and close supervision by teachers and teachers’ aide before the pandemic and continuous to do so during this crisis.

In a school that places a premium on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, hands-on and engaging activities are always encouraged.
The role of the teacher is multifaceted. To engage students, the teacher has to be dynamic and empathetic.

However, as a School of Character, the school not only focuses on academic excellence, it also places much emphasis on character development, Ms. Tio explains.

 “We continuously upgrade our curriculum so students will find learning relevant to real-life situations,” Ms. Tio pointed out.

By doing this, Childlink enables the Linkers to apply what they learned in school and put these into action so they can be responsive to the community, she added.

Community service and advocacies such as Ending Child Marriage are part of the school’s curriculum to teach students to be responsive to the needs of the community.

To accomplish this goal, the school has come up with the Childlink Creed to serve as a guide for the Childlink Student who is also called a Linker.

According to the Childlink Creed, a Linker is caring, honest, industrious, loving dynamic, loyal, interactive, nature-lover, and keen.

Linkers will stand out among their peers for being caring and productive individuals,  who are loyal to family, school, and country, Ms. Tio explained.

As part of its upcoming 25th anniversary, Childlink will continue its advocacies such as creating awareness for cyberbullying, gender equality, and child marriage.

“We will continue the collaboration we have with schools, abroad, and within our country. These collaborations are done for the purpose of developing students to become solutionaries to the issues that are present in each of the communities,” she added.

Childlink is now open for admission for the school year 2021-2022. The enrolment period for Elementary Students is from June 17 to June 24. On the other hand, high school enrolment is between June 9 to June 16, 2021. For preschool, the enrolment is between June 25 and July 3. Parents can choose either the Online Learning Program or the Home School Program.

School enrollment for the School Year 2021-2022 is ongoing. For inquiries, please call 4152963 and look for Teacher Auda.

Summer classes are also available and start on June 7, 2021. These include Reading Classes for Preschool to Grade 3; English Classes for foreign students for all grade levels and Reinforcement classes on English, Civics, Filipino Math, Mother Tongue, and Science. The school also offers one-on-one online reading tutorials.

Summer classes are going on for the month of June. Discover and reinforce your child’s potentials with the summer classes available.

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