Crazy About Korean

Over the years, South Korea’s culture has grown popular globally that people are going crazy over South Korea’s music, drama, food, fashion, and beauty. The Korean Wave also is known as “Hallyu” fascination has resulted in people wanting to learn the language, imagine that!

Personally, I have been curious about the KPop Culture when I used to teach young Korean kids in 2006. In order to understand and relate to them even more, I started watching Korean movies and listening to their pop music.

Then my enthusiasm over pop culture grew even bigger when I started to go on a food trip in different restaurants offering Korean food, shop in Korean Marts, and even use their beauty products which I find very good for my skin.

I can pretty much say that I’m totally crazy about anything Korean that’s why I’m putting up another Facebook page, Crazy About Korean, to share my love for the KPop culture with my first-hand experiences of its KDrama, Music, Food and Beauty products. Not only you’ll be getting personal and honest reviews but also updates on what’s new and what’s good to look out for 🙂

Don’t forget to check out my new Facebook page! 🙂
나의 페이지에 온것을 환영합니다

naui peijie ongeos-eul hwan-yeonghabnida

❤️, Beyee

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