Shell fuels up Visayas frontliners to keep them on-the-go

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continues to climb up in Visayas, Pilipinas Shell has ramped up its efforts to help front liners stay on the go while they control the spread of the virus and prevent a major outbreak in the region.

With health and safety as its top priority, Pilipinas Shell has increased the support provided by its retail gas stations so that frontliners can safely reach their destinations.

Free fuel has been provided to two of its Visayan partners, the Home Quarantine and Protection Project in Negros and the Chongua Hospital in Mandaue.

This is offered to partners in order to aid the transportation of frontliners, the mobilization of ambulances, and other ongoing relief efforts.

An ambulance gassing up at a Shell station

Moreover, free fuel for the same period has been provided to Vallacar Transit Inc. (VTI), whose Ceres bus line has partnered with the city government of Bacolod to deploy 21 of its buses to ferry health workers and workers of other essential services.

Shell’s Project Bayanihan has extended its discount offering of ₱3.00 for gasoline and ₱2.00 for diesel at 151 gas stations in Luzon and Visayas for health workers, police and military personnel, and logistics drivers at the forefront of the COVID-19 efforts.

Frontliners get fuel discounts when they gas up at Shell

Four of the company’s retail sites in Bacolod have also begun offering free vitamin C to all customers who gas up at Shell. Since the beginning of the initiative, 2,000 vitamin C capsules have been released to customers to help boost their immune systems.

Various retailer partners have also stepped up to provide additional support by offering free coffee, face masks, and snacks at their stations. Shell has also tapped partner establishments at certain stations to deliver free food to hospitals in Manila.

Shell’s initiatives in the Visayas are part of the company’s commitment to be the country’s partner in nation-building. For 106 years, Shell has contributed its global expertise to power progress in the Philippines. Even with today’s extraordinary circumstances, Shell aims to drive its efforts towards preparing the nation for the recovery efforts of tomorrow.

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