Philam Vitality Kicks Off the Second Kampeon Cup in Cebu

The country’s premier life insurance company, AIA Philam Life, extends its support of the 7’s football league with the title sponsorship of the second Philam Vitality Kampeon Cup.

The Philam Vitality Kampeon Cup is a three-day event happening from March 13 to 15 which will feature all-star squads from Manila, Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao, cities with their respective 7’s Football League tournaments. These all-star teams will battle it out to determine which team will reign supreme as the country’s best 7’s football squad.


For 7’s, teams are only made up of seven players competing at less than half the pitch with smaller goals. Games are also segmented every 50 minutes, making it a fast-paced and more exciting match.

“The Kampeons is an all-star team to represent not only each 7’s League but also the city, the football communities where they’re from. It’s more than just playing football, there’s also a bit of pride there with the players representing their hometown. Kampeon will establish once and for all the Home of Football in the Philippines,” said Anton del Rosario, former Azkals player, and AIA Philam 7’s Football League founder

According to Del Rosario, Cebu is a very strong area for football and its victory from last year’s Kampeon Cup definitely earned its right to be the homecourt for this year’s Philam Vitality Kampeon Cup.

Founded in 2018, the AIA Philam Life 7’s Football League encourages Filipinos to strive for a more active lifestyle through a fun game of football. “Philam Vitality is AIA Philam Life’s game-changing wellness program which gives incentives members with rewards for knowing and improving their health. By supporting the Kampeon Cup, we take part in a sport which allows Filipinos to make better choices for a healthier, longer, better life,” explained AIA Philam Life’s Head of Vitality Kats Cajucom.

The league also serves as an avenue for veteran football players to get together and pursue their passion for the sport, and ultimately show how it can actually be an exciting game. From the initial 8 teams in the first season, the league has grown exponentially and now has 80 teams playing in each gameday, composed of 24 men’s, 10 women’s, and 48 youth teams.

“Football should be an all-inclusive sport and we’re happy the league we’ve been supporting since last year has opened its arms wider to welcome more people to play the sport,” shared Kelvin Ang, AIA Philam Life Chief Executive Officer. “The league’s expansion also means growth in the audience. And with more people getting exposed to the sport, we are given more opportunities to fulfill our brand promise of empowering Filipinos to live better lives.”

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