Pasko Sa Bluewater and Holiday Offerings

Filipinos are always BIG on Christmas and we go all out even at the start of the ‘ber months. In the Philippines, the holiday season is a time of get-together with our families and friends over great food and heartwarming traditions throughout the years.

One thing that I appreciate about Bluewater is that they stay true to the essence of a Filipino Christmas by preserving these Filipino traditions. That is why more Filipinos and even foreign guests look forward to celebrating Christmas the Filipino way in Bluewater Maribago Resort.

And recently, Bluewater held their PAROL AND CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING CEREMONY marking the start of the Holiday Season dubbed as PASKO SA BLUEWATER. The countdown to the Parol and Christmas Tree lighting ceremony took place at the 7 Dolphins Rotunda and was spearheaded by Bluewater Maribago Assistant General Manager, Domiku Sebasten Ugarte, and wife Evangeline Hayco-Ugarte together with Congresswoman Paz Radaza and Cynthia Chan, Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Hon. Junard Chan’s wife.

Parol and Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony (From L-R) Bluewater Maribago Assistant General Manager Domiku Sebasten Ugarte, and wife Evangeline Hayco-Ugarte together with Congresswoman Paz Radaza and Cynthia Chan, Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Hon. Junard Chan’s wife
The 15-feet tall Christmas tree is made up of star-shaped parols in bright colors and different sizes.
Bluewater Maribago Executive Chef Stephen Del-Amen talked about the holiday feast that his team of amazing chefs has prepared

Prior to the parol and Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, the Bluewater team showcased the parol-making contest highlights which featured different parol designs created by Bluewater Maribago’s various departments. This year’s winners are Purchasing, Housekeeping and POMEC.

In the photo are Bluewater Maribago’s Assistant General Manager Domiku Ugarte, Lapu-Lapu City Congresswoman Hon. Paz Corro Radaza, the winners of the Parol Making Contest, Mr. Leo Lepiten of Purchasing Department (1st place), Mr. Alfred Tradio of Housekeeping Department (2nd place), Mr. Ramil San Juan of POMEC Department (3rd place) and Lapu-Lapu City Councilor Hon. Quennie Ammann.


After the ceremonial lighting, the opening of the Balay Pasko followed. The Christmas House is a Filipino version of a gingerbread house filled with pasalubong treats to take home for families and loved ones. The best of Bluewater holiday treats and specialties straight from the kitchens of the Bluewater chefs are also on display. The Christmas ham and the chicken galantine are two of Bluewater Christmas favorites which won the hearts of those with discriminating tastes.



Photo courtesy – Bluewater Maribago

The famous Bluewater Chocoron, a love child of “chocolate” and “chicharon,” along with another crowd favorite, Cashew Roca, are two of the new items introduced this year joining the Christmas favorites like the chocolate Viennese sandwich cookies, assorted chocolate truffles and 12 flavors of ensaymada.


The Bluewater’s team of talented chefs has something special for the holiday. A wide range of flavors is prepared to tease everyone’s palates from the comfortable and the familiar to the exquisite and exotic that is ideal for family gatherings and reunions.

Children ages 6-11 years old get 50% discount, 5 years old and below are free. The nightly themed dinners at the Allegro Restaurant runs from November 24 to December 31, 2019.


The whole Monday spread puts the spotlight on sinaksakan – a combination of steamed rice with sweet yam.

Photo courtesy – Bluewater Maribago


It showcases the resort’s very own taco station that allows you to make your own Filipino-style taco using pulled meats like jamon, chicken adobo and beef caldereta. Seafood fans can opt for squid a la pobre and fish escabeche for their fillings.

Photo courtesy – Bluewater Maribago


Hump days are meant for Cebuano favorites including a popular Cebuano exotic dish, tuslob buwa and nilarang (sour stew with reef eels).

Photo courtesy – Bluewater Maribago


Go around East Asia on your plate and take your pick among a delectable spread of Asian favorites like dim sum, kimchi, and sashimi. 

Photo courtesy – Bluewater Maribago


Anticipating for the weekend means merrymaking and feasting on a boat-full of seafood bounty. You can never go wrong with a generous buffet of treasures from the ocean and on-the-spot live cooking.

Photo courtesy – Bluewater Maribago


Can’t get enough of Filipino food? Every Saturday, you get to indulge in the famous Cebu lechon and a personal recipe from Executive Chef Stephen Del-Amen: Sugposoy (sug-puh-soy). The name is a blended word of three key ingredients used in the dish — sugpo (prawns), Lapu-Lapu (grouper), and kasoy (cashew). It is a perfect marriage of flavors between the prawns and grouper bathed in crab fat roe and cashew sauce.

Photo courtesy – Bluewater Maribago


What better way to end the week than a sumptuous Tuburan coffee-flavored barbecue baby back ribs that will excite your palates even more in every bite.

Photo courtesy – Bluewater Maribago


Photo courtesy – Bluewater Maribago
Photo courtesy – Bluewater Maribago


So this holiday season, come home to a warm Filipino welcome. Enjoy festive traditions with family and friends, creating holiday memories that will last a lifetime because there’s nothing quite like a Filipino Christmas in Bluewater Maribago Resort.

For event bookings and reservations, please call Bluewater Maribago’s Banquet Office at (032) 402 4100 local 5131 or email

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