Coco Martin: The New Brand Ambassador of Shell Lubricants

Shell has been recognized as a brand that provides the best service and premium products for motorists. And Coco Martin shares a common ground with Shell Lubricants through the years. The top actor, certified biker, and car lover also believes in the quality of Shell lubricants– both Shell Advance and Shell Rimula– to ensure that his bikes and his cars will constantly deliver the power, speed, and comfort in his rides. 

It comes as no surprise that Shell Lubricants chose Coco Martin as their new ambassador. They officially introduced him through a welcome party during its Cebu Trade Partners Convention at Oakridge Pavilion, Oakridge Business Park last weekend. The Shell Executives, trade partners, media, and guests were treated with fun games, a medley of songs performed by Coco Martin, himself with his Ang Probinsiyano co-stars, Bassilyo, Happy, and Smugglaz. The guests were in awe of Coco Martin’s love for his wheels and the joy that he gets out of riding and driving. Everyone was even more inspired when he shared how significant was Shell Lubes to his family’s business growing up.


Coco Martin is not only one of the most popular male stars in the country today, but he is also one of the most bankable, as proven by his long-running hit TV show “Ang Probinsiyano.”

Starting out as an indie actor, Coco slowly gained fame and recognition through his sheer talent in acting and his positive attitude towards his work. Despite his stardom, however, Coco has retained his humility and his innate love for his craft.

His fans know him as the guy-next-door type who hasn’t let stardom get to his head. And to think that he has, to his name, around 80 awards and recognitions and over 30 nominations from prestigious award-giving bodies in a career that has spanned over a decade.

Coco is also known for his passion for cool, high-end, and oftentimes rare vehicles. In fact, he has his own impressive collection of luxury cars and motorcycles — the fruit of his years of hard work and dedication to his craft.


Coco’s affinity to vehicles runs in the blood–he comes from a family of jeepney drivers. He’s not one to hide his humble beginnings, which is another thing that endears him to his fans. 

His grandfather made a living driving a jeepney and was able to provide for his family and meet the needed expenses in raising the children.  Coco’s father continued this particular family legacy and provided for the family by driving a jeepney as well. 

His father was also the one who taught Coco how to drive a four-wheeled vehicle.  His father would tag Coco along as his back ride and would also often ask the youngster to wash their jeepney and sometimes even fix it when needed.

Growing up, Coco would often see his father taking good care of their jeepney, and this parental care of their vehicle rubbed off on Coco who now also loves taking good care of his own vehicles himself.

He even remembers his father telling him that the engine oil is the lifeblood of any vehicle and that what we put inside the engine should be of good quality. “Using high-quality oil is critical when driving and maintaining a jeepney,” Coco’s father used to say.

Coco reveals that his father used Shell Rimula heavy-duty engine oil for their jeepney. He says that he recalls his father swearing by Shell Rimula because it gives their diesel engine a cleaner and crisper engine sound.  

“Naaalala ko na inaalagaan namin ng mabuti ang sasakyan na pinapasada niya nuon, kaya yung tatay ko Shell Rimula talaga ang ginagamit at wala nang iba,” Coco recalls. “Iba kasi ang takbo ng jeep na gamit ng tatay ko nuon pag Shell Rimula ang gamit eh. Damang-dama mo ang hatak at ang lakas ng makina,” Coco adds.


Although Coco loves driving his luxury cars and sports trucks, he admits that there’s nothing like riding a motorcycle. He says that whenever he gets the chance, he rides his bike to the countryside to relax his mind from the stress of work. “Masarap po sa pakiramdam yung mag-bike ka at magpunta sa mga lugar na tahimik para makapag-relax,” he says.

His love for bikes even transcends into the big and small screen. Many of you have probably noticed Coco riding a motorcycle in his films or in TV dramas every so often.

“Kung mapapansin nyo, lagi akong gumagamit ng motorsiklo pag gumagawa ako ng mga pelikula at soap opera kasi isa yun sa mga trademark ko eh, at isa yun sa mga passion ko kaya pinapakita ko ‘to sa mga pelikula,” Coco reveals.


With all the motorcycles in his collection, Coco makes sure that he personally takes care of them. And he spares no expense in ensuring that his bikes are in tip-top shape. Part of this is making sure that he uses only the best oil for his motorbikes’ engines.

With this in mind, Coco uses nothing but Shell Advance lubricants. “Shell Advance ang gamit ko para sa aking mga motor. Natuto kasi ako sa tatay ko na Shell Rimula ang gamit para sa jeepney namin dati,” Coco stresses. “Kaya ngayon, para sa mga motor ko, Shell Advance naman ang gamit ko kasi sigurado ako na mataas ang kalidad nito at siguradong kumpleto ang proteksyon na binibigay nito sa makino ko,” he adds.

Many motorcycle enthusiasts like Coco Martin regularly use Shell Advance because it maximizes horsepower, enhances fuel economy, keeps pistons clean, provides superior wear protection and protects against extreme heat.  “May tiwala kasi talaga ako sa Shell kasi 105 years na silang gumagawa ng de-kalidad na mga langis,” Coco stresses.

Shell Advance and Shell Rimula are two of the many products that form part of Shell’s 105-year legacy of service and quality, all of which aim to make the future for motorists—whether riders of motorcycles and tricycles or drivers of jeepneys, cars, and trucks.



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