Celebrate Earth Day as a ScuBASURERO with JCI Cebu Sinulog

Five summers ago, I was blessed to have explored THE CENTER of the center of marine biodiversity in the whole world and nothing could top that awesome Bantayan experience!

It would also be amazing if more generations can have that overwhelming experience that I had but with all the sad news that most tourists aren’t taking good care of the ocean and simply use it as a trash bin for their wastes, it totally wreaked havoc to the water ecosystem – corals have been destroyed, and aquatic animals die each day because of the plastic they have ingested. As Marine Researcher, Charles Moore once said, “Only we humans make waste that nature can’t digest.” 

Good thing there are kindhearted organizations that come up with great efforts to clean up coastal wastes but with the amount of destruction that had been caused by decades of misuse of the waters, we still need more cleanup drives.

This coming Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019, JCI Cebu Sinulog Scubasurero 2019 is set to take place at the Boyla Diving Resort Terminal. The community strongly encourages everyone to celebrate Earth Day while protecting life below water with experienced and rookie scubasurero volunteers and the Lapu-Lapu City Government.


Scubasurero is a term combined from the words ‘scuba diving’ and ‘basurero’.   It is a worldwide campaign that has been adopted by the local organization since 2003.  This year, the team is extending its reach by doing a coastal cleanup simultaneous to the cleanup dive by volunteer divers.  This also serves as the chapter’s answer to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Water.

The project is set and initiated by JCI Cebu Sinulog’s Scubasurero 2019 members as an answer to the plastic debris and waste problem in commercialized areas of Lapu Lapu City by diving to collect debris on the sea beds and shorelines.

JCI Cebu Sinulog Scubasurero 2019 Presscon (from L-R) JCI Sinulog/Scubasurero Volunteer Johndale Dyenghong, Boylan Diving Resort Gen. Manager Marjorie Gilig, JCI National Exec. VP Disston Tan, City DRRM Officer (Lapu-Lapu City) Coastal Operations Coordinator Andy B. Veranda, JCI Central Visayas Regional VP Camille Maluenda, and JCI 2019 L.O. President Henny Sescon
The panelists with their fellow JCI members

These young active citizens are spearheading the initiative for sustainable environmental development to reduce the misuse of our oceans that will affect one of the basic livelihoods of Filipinos.  The action will focus on the importance of giving value to the natural resource that has been neglected.

Environmentally focused institutions like Greenovate Corporation, Greenhome, Bubble.ph shampoo bars, Siao Milk tea, and other dive shops will be present on the day.

This is a local initiative with a global reach, a very important cause of an overdue environmental issue.


Camille Maluenda, 2019 Regional Vice President, JCI Philippines
Disston Tan, 2019 National Executive Vice President, JCI Philippines
Henny Sescon, 2019 Local Organization President, JCI Cebu Sinulog
Johndale Dyenghong, 2019 JCI Cebu Sinulog Member, Scubasurero 2019 Volunteer
Marjorie Gilig, General Manager, Boyla Diving Resort, 2011 Local Organization President, JCI Cebu Sinulog



? Send JCI Cebu Sinulog a Facebook Message or Text: 09176337820


(FREE: with own gear/ P500: Boat and Lunch / P1800: Diving Gear and Lunch)

? Deposit via BPI / Fund Transfer on or before April 19

? Send us your deposit slip

? BRING YOUR WATER CANISTERS! Strictly NO bottled water and plastic cups

There are only 100 slots available so register now before the deadline, April 19, 2019.


Let’s all make a difference and take part in JCI Cebu Sinulog’s Scubasurero 2019 🙂


“It is the worst of times but it is the best of times because we still have a chance.” (Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer)





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