There’s Joy in Life, a Project for Children in Conflict with the Law

In a report by the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Council, there are over 11,000 Filipino children in conflict with the law.  From this number, most of them are accounted from the National Capital Region and the Western and Central Visayas where Cebu belongs.  “These children lost their way because their community or family did not guide them,” said Social Welfare Secretary Corazon Juliano-Soliman. “We ask your support in recognizing the rights of these children to be children.”

Last September 21, 2018, in celebration of the International Day of Peace, the Z Club of Childlink High School Cebu visited My Home in Consolacion Cebu for their project #TheresJoyinLife.  My Home is a rehabilitation center for children 15 years and below who are in conflict with the law.  Common offense range from theft and gangsterism which can give children access to alcohol and drugs.

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Z Club members  recognize the needs of these children, them being of about the same age as these children in the rehabilitation centers.  The project #TheresJoyinLife offers hope to children in the rehabilitation centers that there are children of their age who cares.  The activities done in this project includes understanding good values, values redirection and team building workshops.  Children in the center were given chances to explore their interests so that they will realize that they have potentials and talents which they can use in the future. A music workshop was done where the children in the center and the Z club members put in their thoughts to come up with the lyrics of the song then an actual song was made which they performed during the presentation of output.  An entrepreneurial activity was also taught by the Z Club  members which was the making of rags, placemats, coasters, etc. made from old shirts.

This activity, though short it may be, seeks to bring hope and joy to the children whom they have worked with.  The club seeks to organize other sessions for the My Home to be able to reach out to more children.

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