LANAI RESTO-BAR: Perfect for After-Hours Dine & Wine

Golden Prince Hotel’s al fresco entertainment outlet, the Lanai Resto-Bar recently launched its new menu which promises bigger servings and great quality, as well.

Golden Prince Hotel’s al fresco entertainment outlet, the Lanai Resto-Bar recently launched its new menu that promises bigger & high quality servings, with head chef Marlou Almasco at the helm and the new outlets manager Robinson Belhida.


With heftier servings of better and fantastic fare, all items are now good enough for the gang, like the Prince Tower Wagyu Burger boasting a thick quarter-pound wagyu beef patty, good for 2 to 3 persons, and served with heaping potato wedges.

If you’re a Club House lover, try this 3-Decker sandwich layered with grilled chicken breast, fried egg, cucumber, and tomato served with potato wedges.

They also have Meaty Nachos topped with SPICY chorizo con carne sauce with onions, Jalapenos and melted cheese. These crunchy corn chips are perfect for some cool cocktails.

To keep things local, try the Danggit Pasta Aglio Olio con Pepperoncini, a spaghetti pasta in olive oil, dried fish, garlic and chilli peppers served with garlic bread.

What about this delectable stack of calamares you can never say no to.

Or these Fish ‘n’ Chips as you savor every bite of these deep-fried fish slabs in beer-batter served with potato wedges and tar-tar sauce.

You’re definitely in for a whole lot of cardiac fest with this deep-fried lechon belly or as the locals would call it, PRITCHON!

Don’t forget the cheesy, meaty and crunchy quesadillas match perfectly to any cocktails or refreshing fruit blends!

If you want more spice to your evening chill, order their Spicy Gambas.



A comprehensive list of new cocktails also helps lift patrons’ spirits—pun intended. From the best-selling ice-blended Magellan’s Margarita, to the Golden Gimlet made with calamansi instead of lemon, honey and basil on gin, or the Inday-Colada with coconut milk and pineapple juice blended with rum, Lanai’s cocktails try to balance beloved international bar staples with local charm.

Lanai’s specialty mocktails like the Prince of Cebu or the Golden Fizz may just be variations of juices and soda water but they can also be enjoyed in the bar or in one’s room with your favorite fare. Beers, juices, wines and other liquor are also readily available for an enjoyable night out, or night in, or paired as you like with your favorite new Lanai food items.

Lanai is open daily, from 6:00PM to 1:00AM, with live entertainment from Jude Efraim, Stagefire and Syncrofire Acoustic every Wednesday to Sunday.

For reservations and other inquiries, call 230 1500 or 230 1588.

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