Khanser, Soontorn launch books on the distant future and the ancient past

Two important new books are launched on June 19, 2018 at the Waterfront Hotel Lahug by Mentor Management Consultant Company, Ltd. from Bangkok, Thailand. One book focuses on the distant future while the other book deals with the ancient Minoan past.

Dr. Marites A. Khanser and Dr. Soontorn Piromsartkoon at the Innovation Summit (Photo credit: Cebu Business Month 2018 Overall Chairman Benedict Que)


The first book is authored by Dr. Marites A. Khanser and Dr. Soontorn Piromsartkoon (2018). The book features the authors’ technological innovation of a bioluminescent perpetual lighting system inspired by the light of the firefly. They call their product as GlowGlobe, which is an alternative green energy that offers an innovative solution to the need for lighting system that does not need electricity. According to the authors, there are today 1.4 billion people that have no access to electricity worldwide.

In this pioneering book, Dr. Khanser and Dr. Piromsartkoon presents an alternative lighting system using bioluminesence and the innovation still belongs to the frontiers of science, using synthetic biology. The perpetual lighting system mimics the light of the fireflies. The GlowGlobe product, their brand name, is part of the latest inventions in biotechnology.

The authors quoted Steve Jobs who once said that “The biggest innovation in the twenty-first century will be the intersection of technology and biology. A new era is beginning.” (Issacson, 2011)

Dr. Khanser and Dr. Piromsartkoon share with the readers the joy of scientific discovery and the challenges of disruptive innovation.


The second book focuses on an ancient disk in Crete called Phaistos Disk whose strange hieroglyphic symbols stamped on both sides of the disk are still un-deciphered since it was discovered in Crete, Greece in 1908 by Dr. Luigi Pernier, an Italian archaeologist.

This is a book with a novel inside it and it uses creative non-fiction as its literary technique. The authors openly declare to the world their attempt at decipherment of the Phaistos disk and claim that it is a Hymn to a god-Pharaoh whom they identified as Pharaoh Akhenaten, the King of Egypt during the 18th dynasty who is also referred to as the “heretic”King because he worshipped the sun god he called the Aten.

Their theory is that during the Aten revolt, it was Kiya, the secondary wife of pharaoh Akhenaten, who brought the pharaoh to ancient Crete then called “Keftiu” in a Great Escape from the land of Egypt to save the pharaoh’s life. The authors claim that the pharaoh was buried in Crete and his tomb has not yet been found to this day. Once the tomb is found, they will discover the burial chamber’s unimaginable treasures.

The book alludes to a lost codex and a hidden pharaoh’s tomb and brings the readers to the ancient land of the Minoans in Crete, to Amarna in ancient Egypt, and to the Phaistos Palace ruins where the Phaistos disk was found. This book is being considered to become an international film as Book 1 of the Phaistos Disk trilogy. Book 2: Decoding the Secrets of Egypt (Khanser and Piromsartkoon, 2018). Book 3: Decoding the Secrets of the Cult of the Aten. (Khanser and Piromsartkoon, 2019).

The readers are enjoined to buy the books to enjoy both the heritage of ancient past and the optimism of a distant future.


In the video: Dr. Soontorn Piromsartkoon shares his experience in co-writing the two books

In the video: Dr. Marites A. Khanser shares to the media and friends her journey in co-writing the book and sheds light on bioluminescent perpetual lighting system

BOOK SIGNING: Dr. Marites A. Khanser and Dr. Soontorn Piromsartkoon


Dr. Marites A. Khanser and Dr. Soontorn Piromsartkoon with their supporters during the book launching

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