GCash and Alipay launches partnership with The Islands Group


Alipay users, worry no more. Thanks to GCash, tourists can now pay through their phone via the Scan-to-Pay feature using their Alipay app.

GCash and Alipay came up with a combined QR-based mobile payment technology in the Philippines. This is made possible through a partnership between Mynt, a financial technology company owned by Globe Telecom, Ant Financial, and Ayala Corporation, and The Islands Group which operates the highly-popular Islands Souvenirs stores nationwide.

Mynt (GCash) Pres. & CEO Anthony Thomas and Island Group Executive VP Camille Aldeguer

This enables all Islands Souvenirs stores to finally accept QR payments from local GCash users as well as foreign tourists who are Alipay users. 

“The GCash-Alipay QR will enable local merchants like Island Souvenirs to service an even bigger pool of customers with seamless payment experiences.  This provides real convenience and security to all shoppers and tourists. For instance, with the GCash-Alipay scan to pay feature at all Islands Souvenirs stores, customers can easily pay the exact amount for their purchases using their phone. They no longer have to wait for loose change or pay in smaller denominations, or even stand in line for a long time,” said Anthony Thomas, President and CEO of Mynt. Mynt is the operator of GCash.

“We are happy to partner with GCash and be the first chain of stores in Cebu who will offer this combined GCash-Alipay QR to our customers. We at The Islands Group are committed to make our customers’ shopping experience more convenient. We also believe that this will open opportunities for us with the influx of Chinese tourists in Cebu. Islands Souvenirs stores will now be able to accept Alipay payments. Thanks to GCash,” said Jonathan Jay Aldeguer, CEO of The Islands Group.

Islands Group Business Dev’t Anton Aldeguer, Mynt (GCash) Pres. & CEO Anthony Thomas and Island Group Executive VP Camille Aldeguer, Islands Group General Manager Michael Dispo, IG Business Dev’t Head Irene Gozun
Gcash CEO Albert Tinio, Mynt (GCash) VP Business Dev’t Luigi Reyes, Mynt Account Manager Becky Cabaral, Mynt (GCash) Pres. & CEO Anthony Thomas and Island Group Executive VP Camille Aldeguer, Mynt VisMin Head for Business Dev’t Cathlyn Pavia, and GCash VP Merchant Solutions JM Aujero

For GCash users, they can pay via the scan to pay feature in the GCash app while Alipay users may also use the same feature in the Alipay app.

According to a survey named “Outbound Chinese Tourism and Consumption Trends: 2017 Survey,” conducted by research firm Nielsen, over 94 percent of Chinese tourists expect they will utilize mobile payment methods when travelling, bringing their cashless lifestyle overseas.


Alipay is now accepted by bricks-and-mortar merchants across 41 countries and regions who connect with travelers via the Alipay’s in-app marketing platform and accept payments in stores and online.


The Islands Group traces its history back to the early beginnings of Islands Souvenirs in Cebu in 1992. Breaking the mold of cottage-industry souvenir products, Islands Souvenirs, carved out a niche for itself by providing quality souvenirs that were both practical and creatively designed. It was one of the very first retail companies who made use of design in a country rich in natural beauty through destination-specific merchandise.



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