Happy Jobs Fair 2018: Over 11,000 Urgent Jobs In Cebu

Mynimo.com, a leading local internet job board is helping to fill more than 11,000 urgent job vacancies in Cebu. As of press time, 91 employers from across all industries have signed up for its highly anticipated career event.

(From left to right) DOLE 7 Senior Labor & Employment Officer Arlene Hamoy, DOLE Senior Labor Employment Officer Jessica Uy, POEA Labor and Employment Officer III Fenita Berdon, DMDP Department Head Fidel Magno, Mynimo.com President Wesley Chiongbian, Hon. Sisinio Andales, Cebu City Councilor and PMAP President Michael Godinez

Notable companies such as international giant Amazon.com will be recruiting at the event to fill their target of 1,000 employees for their Cebu site by end of year. Other famous local companies such as Aboitiz Construction Group, Bluewater Resorts, Hi-Precision, and Virgina Food are also going to be present to hire top talent looking to join their organizations.

To date, over 6,000 applicants have registered to join the 1-day career event in SM City Cebu on Saturday, May 26, 2018. The organizers already recorded a 22% increase job seeker interest for the event compared to the same period last year.

The organizers are expecting 68% of the event’s applicants to be college graduates and almost 70% of job seeking attendees to have had prior work experience.


In a survey among the event’s participating employers and applicants, Mynimo has identified the education sector as having the highest talent shortage in Cebu, with a ratio of 11 job opportunities per education applicant; followed by the BPO sector with 9 jobs for every BPO applicant, and the sales sector with 5 jobs for each sales applicant.

“The talent shortage is a significant lost opportunity for Cebu. Counting the unfilled vacancies in the BPO and education sector alone, our conservative estimates indicate that the local economy will potentially lose at least 80 million pesos in circulation every month,” said Mynimo.com president, Wesley Chiongbian.

As for the surplus in talent, the survey identified that professionals in the hotel industry top the list with 71 candidates competing for 1 hotel job vacancy, followed by legal professionals with 17 applicants for every legal job, and 7 applicants for every manufacturing job in Cebu.

“Unemployed professionals in these highly competitive sectors may want explore and take advantage of the opportunities in industries with less competition. This will help them find employment quickly,” Chiongbian added.

Mynimo.com has been helping to fix the job market gap in the country for over 10 years through its easy to use job website www.mynimo.com. Their commitment to accomplish their mission has pushed them to be more visible both online and on the ground with its annual career event called the Happy Jobs Fair, which is now going onto its 5th year. The event will place on Saturday, May 26, 2018, from 9AM to 6PM at the SM City Cebu Trade Hall.

Job seekers that are interested to attend the much anticipated career event are encouraged to register online at www.mynimo.com/register to get priority access for free. Walk-ins are also welcome. Applicants are encouraged to bring multiple copies of their resumes.


IN THE VIDEO: Mynimo.com president, Wesley Chiongbian shared the following valued points:

 Females are more willing to work for a BPO / call center company and to work abroad 

 72% are willing to work abroad

 Workforce between the ages of 36-40 are more likely to go abroad

 Vocational school graduates aim to work abroad

 Applicant profiles vs Job Vacancies 

 The mismatch between jobs & applicants 

 The applicant shortage

 The job shortage 

IN THE VIDEO, PMAP President Michael Godinez claries on the issues of job shortage, schools & universities not supplying the kind of talents they need


 PMAP President Michael Godinez on skills / talents mismatch among Senior High School graduates

 DOLE Senior Labor Employment Officer Jessica Uy on their programs that would look into prospect job vacancies from different sectors and training programs they conduct

 DMDP Department Head Fidel Magno puts emphasis on the prevalent issue that educational institutions don’t produce graduates that don’t conform to the needs of industries as made mentioned by PMAP President Michael Godinez and he also points out that attitude plays a major role in employment 

 Mynimo.com President Wesley Chiongbian shares how challenged they are to get those people who are not employed (and not even looking for jobs) to get back into the workforce


? POEA Labor and Employment Officer III Fenita Berdon on POEA concerns and the need for applicants to learn a new foreign language to have an edge when they apply abroad but skills are still the primary concern to get hired

? DOLE Senior Labor Employment Officer Jessica Uy on the minimum wage for private sectors

? PMAP President Michael Godinez stresses that the minimum wage is not attractive especially to the millenials that’s why employers are looking for ways to grab the best talents

? DOLE 7 Senior Labor & Employment Officer Arlene Hamoy shares their advocacy on getting people especially the fresh graduates to register to philjob.net for them to have a headstart in looking for a job

IN THE VIDEO: Messages from the panelists



Mynimo.com was launched in Cebu in 2007. Since then it has become the country’s most popular and highest ranking homegrown job website. It has been recognized multiple times as the “Best Website in the Jobs / Employment Category” at the DigitalFilipino.com Web Awards and acknowledged as one of the leading tech startups in the country by Forbes Philippines.

Its founder and president, Wesley Chiongbian, was awarded as Cebu Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Emerging Entrepreneur at the organization’s Grand Chamber Awards and has similarly been recognized by Go Negosyo, for his contributions to the internet industry of the Philippines.

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