Food Trail: Margaret’s Halo2x tastes like ice cream!

On my way to a busy afternoon filled with errands, this funny Grab driver, Sir Alberto told me about this halo2x a few blocks from our place and it is a must-try, “better than the one in Tisa,” he added. It piqued my curiosity since he mentioned my favorite halo2x joint so I thought of dropping by before my day ends.

Around six in the evening, after going through a mad traffic, I stopped by Margaret’s Place and try the halo2x to check if the recommendation was any good and with hope the cool treat will cure my throbbing headache.

Margaret’s Place  is located along the Banawa road across Rosalina Village and Binglen’s store. They opened their place last year and added halo2x to their menu only last February 27. As I was about to order, there were medical students already done with their dinner. Noticed they have food trays outside where you can choose any dish you want or you can order their silogan meals which start at Php65.

When my order arrived, I was surprised at the smaller serving of the ice cream scoop since I compared it to my fave halo2x joint. However, the cup was an eye candy because of its colorful gelatin and corn flakes toppings.

Margaret’s Halo-Halo (Php65)

Surprised how smooth and creamy the ice shaving was to my palate and realized they’re using flavored ice shavings which I believed has become a trend nowadays. As I savored the halo2x some more, the taste gets better and it’s like eating a soft-serve ice cream with the kaong, buko, mango bits and pandan (which I was told later on that they used pandan-flavored ice).

I’m happy with the latest food discovery, Margaret’s halo2x is indeed delicious, creamy and it tastes like ICE CREAM with  a tropical twist! Just in time for hot summer days 🙂

Drop by Margaret’s Place and taste their halo2x for only Php65 🙂 Add them in your list of halo2x joints for your family and friends’ next foodtrip 🙂



Location: 167 R. Duterte St., Banawa, Cebu City (across Rosalina Village & Binglen’s)

Store Hours: 9AM – 5PM Mondays, 8AM – 2AM (Tuesdays – Saturdays), CLOSED on Sundays

Contact Number: 09755655014


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