Valentine Treats: Simple Yet Meaningful Ways to Have Fun with your Partner :-)

At this day and age, we are so stressed out in coming up with unique ways in making our loved-ones feel so special every time we are with them. We also make a conscious effort to make a lasting impression on them.

Personally, I get so utterly creative and crazy at times when I think of ways on how to “spoil” my man. You read that right, it’s not a crime to shower our better half with something to make them smile right? You don’t even have to wait on a V day or special occasions just to spoil them rotten so here are some tips to get you and your partner out of the “usual” love trippin’.


  • go on a road trip and pick out three of your fave food each in thirty minutes! lols 
  • stop by the beach nearby and drink Tequila shots/beer by the shore while watching the sunset… a little twist to spice things up — as the sun sets, slow dance to the rhythm of the waves for a romantic touch
  • sit along the shoreline as your head rests comfortably on your partner’s shoulder… then hold hands as you both immerse in sweet serenity.. you don’t have to talk, just stay still and experience the sunset together…
  • as the dusk turns to night… lie on the sand simply looking at the stars holding hands… then talk about your family, friends, hopes and dreams for each other… sharing each other’s thoughts is one of the most endearing things in the world
  • finally, what better way to start the day right is sharing your first sunrise together as you bask in total sunny bliss in each others’ arms… it would be one perfect sunny day
  • as you head home from a long road trip, make an ice cream stop each time you see an ice cream shop on the way… one flavor for every stop!


  • have an 80’s movie marathon and have a love fest on The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles
  • give your partner a mixed tape of the mushy love songs which simply reminds you of him/her.
  • spend a laid back evening listening to some cool and slow rhythmic music while cooking a feast… your partner will take care of the main course and you prepare the dessert (you can take turns) then end the whole feast with a DVD marathon with ice cream!



  • challenge your partner to an “Iron Chef” special, the loser will take you to an eat-all-you-can breakfast, lunch and dinner! (on different days or else you’ll end up having food coma lols)
  • or challenge your partner to “shooting hoops” in Timezone or any arcade place, the loser will have to do the dance pad — 3 songs in a row with the crowd watching lols
  • jumpstart your early morning drive with an upbeat morning jog or brisk walk listening to the same music in your iPod or any music player… to make it more interesting, the last person to survive ten rounds will be the winner and the loser pays for breakfast 🙂
  • go on a card-hunt in the bookstore and in 15 minutes, outdo each another by picking out three special cards and let each other read the ones you picked out… whoever wins will be the king/queen for the day and of course the loser will have to “serve” the king/queen of the day



  • do away with all the gourmet/fast food meals that you are both accustomed to so off you go to the nearest haven for street food indulgence… add more fun in your food trip, ride a calesa to any destination you want to go to… hiyahhhhh!


Whatever you have come up with, always remember to be creative and just do it with LOVE 🙂

Happy Valentines! 🙂

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