A Lavish and Sumptuous Feast at The Ching Palace

For years, my family has always been a regular at The Ching Palace or we either have take out on Sundays because we simply love the food and my Dad just can’t get enough of the Chinese cuisine.

Each one in the family has favorite dishes which we never miss out in every visit – My Dad loves Steamed Lapu-Lapu in Tausi sauce, Steamed Crabs with Garlic, and the Suahe. My sister always enjoys the assorted cold cuts, Sauteed Fish fillet in XO sauce, and Sliced Beef with Broccoli Flower. While I always go for Sliced Beef Hoffan, Yang Chow Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Pork, Chicken with Lemon Sauce, and Patatim with Cua Pao.

What I also love about the restaurant is the feeling you get as if you’re dining in an authentic Chinese restaurant because of its interior – old classical pieces with a modern flair.

The Ching Palace’s other gem to be proud of is their impeccable service by their staff. They are so efficient in helping their customers with the menu especially for the new customers. No wonder, they have so many awards to their name because of its excellent food and service which people always go for in a restaurant.

So when I was invited by my friend to try some new dishes of the restaurant, I was excited to taste and savor other treats from The Ching Palace. We tried the classic best-sellers and some new dishes being offered in time for the New Year.


Chicken Seaweeds Mango Cold Cuts (Php280)


Golden Mushroom Seafood Soup (Php280)


Crispy Lumpia Shanghai (Php 210)


Stuffed Squid Flower in Dried Scallop Sauce

It is yummy as it looks and flavorful, too! Can’t help but appreciate how it is beautifully plated 

Stuffed Squid Flower in Dried Scallop Sauce

Fried Chicken Rice

It is one hefty dish that makes you full to the brim! 

Fried Chicken Rice

Crispy Pork Belly

This dish makes my tummy happy! Definitely, the kind of belly that you can’t resist 

Crispy Pork Belly

Hot Soybean Paste Noodle

It is one hot and flavorful dish! This can stand alone as a full meal and I love it!

Hot Soybean Paste Noodle

Fried Garoupa with Pickled Mango
I love this dish! So fresh and crispy in every bite! Gastrogasmic! 

Fried Garoupa with Pickled Mango

Everything was lavishly prepared that I was having a “feast” in every bite! There was never a dish on the table that I didn’t like and for sure in my next visit, I know now what to add to our family meal 🙂

So bring your family and friends along and experience a gastronomic feast like no other.

Try The Ching Palace in your next foodtrip 🙂



Location: 20 Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City

Store Hours: 11:30 AM – 2 PM, 6 PM – 10 PM (Daily)

Call 032 2338833 / 032 4172988 /0933-1949214

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thechingpalace/


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