Quick Fix: The Messy Collapse Sandwich

Toasted yet soggy and spicy tuna sandwich with lettuce, egg, corn and Japanese mayo.
Once you bite into the sandwich, it will slowly collapse because of its generous amount of the filling. 

The messier the better 🙂


1. Sauté little garlic and onions
2. Season it with salt and pepper (only if you want it spicy)
3. Add tuna chunks, corn kernels, minced boiled egg, minced lettuce. Mix them
4. Set aside

1. Toast it first
2. Then spread mayo on the toasted bread
3. Add in the filling
4. Then add another toast with mayo. (Depends on how many layers you want)

Then place the sandwiches in the sandwich maker or oven toaster to make it a bit crunchy.

Voila! Your Messy Collapse Sandwich is now ready to be devoured 🙂


Disclaimer: the sandwich will collapse and make a total mess once you bite in the sandwich 

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