2017: Break, Broke, Broken

2017… Boy you whipped me so bad but I needed that hehehe

I thought 2013 was the turning point of my life but 2017 was by far the most extreme.

2017: Break, Broke, Broken

Lost my job, fell into a worse kind of depression that I thought was the end of me, hated the vocation that I have given my whole life for ten years, a lot had turned their backs on me which I completely understood because who would love a failure, right?

Well that was me speaking after first six months being jobless, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, broke and broken.

Around August, with a lot of tough love from my sister, who snapped me out from my own demons which drowned me to an inconsolable pit. She gave me a reason, a purpose to bounce back. She helped me pick up the pieces and made me whole again. Papa, Manang Lijean, Manang Joji, Uly and a few friends helped me fight the battle that I thought I wouldn’t win.

September came and I decided I’m giving up my vocation for good. Ten years is a good time to retire. Realized I can still help a lot of kids by spreading my wings even further and reach out to other people’s causes – my friends who are in the public system of education, worthy NGOs and even to the random people I meet who are in need.

I am still grateful for this year despite what had happened because it paved the way for the reconciliation of the Tres Marias, thanks to Mama who tirelessly told us, sisters not to turn each others’ back. Manang Lijean is right, the bond between sisters (ours especially) is so strong that no one can ever destroy — some have tried but failed in the end.

I am also thankful for Manang who trusted in me, who gave me a very important task at the same time let me blog on the side.

With my sister’s unceasing support and huge help of Dondon from the tech side, #lifeisbeyeeutiful is now back after a long hibernation. The site and Facebook page did a lot for me not just a blogger but more as a person. With the positivity that I want to bring to other people through my blog, it has helped me appreciate more about life’s simple pleasures and surprises through the random people I meet along the way and the new friendships I now keep.

And now 2018 is here.

I’m not going to make any promises nor transform myself to a “NEW ME” because I deemed it unnecessary.

I don’t want to run away from the past because the bad episodes have shaped me to what I am now at present.

I don’t want to set unrealistic goals for the future because what matters most is to live my life every single day, seizing every opportunity that comes my way and enjoy what I have at present.

We may have temporary setbacks in the past but life is still beautiful because we are given a chance to undo our past mistakes and move on.

Thank you so much, 2017.

2018, surprise me with new experiences! 

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