Food Trail: I miss Ngohiong, MissNgohiong

When I was in college, a ngohiong food stall is the best place to go to if my barkada and I are looking for a cheap yet satisfying meal especially on our “pineapple tingbits” days. I’ve noticed before there are hardly a good number of stalls to go to unlike now, everywhere we go, there’s always a ngohiong stop to choose from.

Only last month, a new ngohiong kiosk, I miss Ngohiong MissNgohiong  just opened at the terminal area in J Centre Mall, Mandaue City. I must say they chose a very strategic place where one can simply buy a take-out before going home as pasalubong for the family or one can just eat by the stall while waiting for their ride.

Meet I Miss Ngohiong, Miss Ngohiong’s very friendly and accommodating Ms. Shine 🙂

I miss Ngohiong MissNgohiong is not your ordinary ngohiong joint because they’ve got THREE UNIQUE POINTS that set them apart from the rest.


Their ngohiong has cool and unique packaging! They are available in handy and attractive slant cups or the efficient and functional tray tops which comes with a beverage of your choice.

Just add 4 pesos for the puso (hanging rice).



Compared to other stalls, I miss Ngohiong MissNgohiong is the only kiosk that serves ngohiong of different colors with corresponding flavors. RED for pork, GREEN for vegetable, YELLOW for chicken and the ORIGINAL COLOR (light brown) for beef. I miss Ngohiong MissNgohiong is never stingy on their ingredients. You can really savor the taste in every bite without the greasy feel on your palate 🙂 It’s really good!

It is so fun looking at the colorful ngohiong pieces go into the tray cup with the blue lemonade at the bottom — awwww it just makes you smile while eating the fried rolls and sipping the drink hehehe



I love how they use a special box for their ngohiong takeaways. It looks like you’re buying doughnuts or a box of cake. The pasalubong boxes are easy to carry and will keep your ngohiong fresh! They are ideal for party treats with your family and barkada, especially this holiday season.

(If you  prefer to buy the uncooked ngohiong for pasalubong, these rolls can still last for two months. Just store them in the freezer).


  1. You can order online via their Facebook page: or you may call at 0917 620 0800. Delivery is free for those who are living near Banilad area. (Mode of payment: COD)
  2. You may buy directly from their kiosk in J Center Mall, Mandaue City, Terminal area.


For more updates, just visit their Facebook page or simply call the number above for inquiries.

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